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Catmose Sports Centre Swimming pool

Date Published: 19 May 2021
Catmose Swimming Pool

The public swimming pool at Catmose Sports Centre remains closed following a condition survey that has raised concerns about the structural safety of the building.

Discussions are continuing between Catmose College (who own the campus site), Rutland County Council (who lease the sports and swimming facilities for public use) and Stevenage Leisure Ltd (who are contracted to manage the sports centre and pool).

All parties involved in the running of Catmose Swimming Pool agree that it should not reopen unless major structural improvements are made to the building. The level of work required together with the likely costs mean this must form part of wider considerations about the long-term future of leisure provision in Rutland.

No final decision has been made and work remains ongoing to look at all possible options for the site, aided by a county-wide Leisure and Wellbeing Needs Assessment.

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