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Cabinet to consider leisure grant for Catmose Sports Centre

Date Published: 11 June 2021
Rutland County Council

Rutland County Council’s Cabinet is to consider a grant of just over £59,000 from the National Leisure Recovery Fund to support the running of Catmose Sports Centre in Oakham. 

Responding to the severe impact that COVID-19 restrictions have had on the leisure industry, and specifically leisure centres, Sport England in partnership with Central Government launched a National Leisure Recovery Fund NLRF) to support providers who are struggling.  

In addition to the NLRF grant offer, Rutland’s Cabinet will consider additional funding of up to £43,000 to support the operators of Catmose Sports Centre, Stevenage Leisure Ltd (SLL), in light of COVID-19 and the continuing closure of Catmose swimming pool. 

The Council’s leisure management contract with SLL expired on 31 March 2021 and the additional financial support is needed to continue operating the centre beyond August 2021. 

The public swimming pool at Catmose Sports Centre remains closed following a condition survey that has raised concerns about the safety of the building. Undertaking the necessary repair works to make the swimming pool operational have been assessed as costing over £500,000. This major capital investment is being considered as part of the longer-term future of leisure provision, which will be presented to Cabinet for consideration later this year. As such, the immediate reopening of the pool is not possible. 

“Leisure services around the country have struggled immensely after being forced to close for long periods due to COVID-19. The Government has responded with a package of financial support in the form of the NLRF grant. Cabinet next week will consider the acceptance of this grant and whether to provide SLL with additional financial support from the Council’s own Revenue budget. We are continuing to work with partners to consider how best to provide access to swimming facilities for residents – particularly lessons for children.” Councillor Alan Walters, Cabinet Member for Health, Leisure, Wellbeing and Adult Care

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