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‘Ask for Angela’ scheme available for pub and bar-goers

Date Published: 06 July 2021
Ask for Angela Poster
A scheme supporting people who feel unsafe on dates is available in pubs and bars across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Now that more people are going out with the easing of lockdown, a reminder has been issued about the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign.

Anyone in a difficult or intimidating situation while on a date, or out with someone, can approach pub or bar staff and use the code phrase ‘Ask for Angela’. They will then be offered support - which may include calling a taxi or helping them to leave discreetly.

The scheme can be found in more than 180 locations across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

“As pubs and other venues begin to fully reopen to customers following the pandemic, we would like to remind people about the ‘Ask for Angela’ initiative. “It’s great to see that many of our licensees are on board with it. It really is a simple, yet effective, scheme that helps support and reassure people if they are feeling vulnerable while out on dates or socialising. “Those feelings of vulnerability might be for a number of reasons, including a person’s behaviour, actions or words. “’Ask for Angela’ can also be a more comfortable way of admitting you might feel uneasy to staff, who are specially trained to deal with these situations.” Councillor Lucy Stephenson, Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure at Rutland County Council

Any venue interested in taking part in Ask for Angela can contact their local Community Safety team. More information and details on venues taking part in the scheme can be found at: www.rutland.gov.uk/my-community/community-safety/ask-for-angela/ and www.leicestershire.gov.uk/AskforAngela.

"People should always feel safe when they are out, and the ‘Ask for Angela’ initiative means members of the public can be assured that help and support is available should they ever feel that they are in a vulnerable situation. “It is great to see licensees and venues adopting the initiative and we would encourage those who aren’t aware of ‘Ask for Angela’ to find out more about it as we continue to work together to keep our communities safe.” Superintendent Jonny Starbuck, of Leicestershire Police

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