FOI St Georges

The starting position of the Council is that we will publish all the information that we are able to as soon as we are able to. That having been said there will be information that we are not in a position to release immediately.

It is expected that some high level project information to be released when details of whether or not the site has been successful in any bid (project name, funding amount, number of houses). At the time of the planning application (and in line the National Planning Policy Framework) detailed viability information is likely to be made available.

For Freedom of Information requests, all bid information and assessments are exempt under Section 43 until decisions have been made and the viability information is likely to be exempt until the submission of any planning application. This is because information relating to the site and its development will be commercially sensitive in discussions between the site owner and prospective development partners.

If releasing information could undermine the negotiating position of the Ministry of Defence, the Council or any other person, then we would reject a freedom of information request under Section 43. We could also reject a FOI for commercially sensitive information under an exemption within the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. However, requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Guidance on the application of the exemption issued by the Office of the Information Commissioner can be found here

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Was this information helpful?