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Information about the County

The following statistics and links have been compiled to provide demographic information on the County of Rutland and it's people.


The census provides information on housing and population that government needs to develop policies, and to plan and run public services such as health and education. The data is also widely used by academics, businesses, voluntary organisations and the public.

Various data sets were released in 2012 with the remaining sets to be compiled and released in 2013.    

More information about the Census 2011 is available from the Office of National Statistics   

Rutland Census 2011

The Performance and Application Team at Rutland County Council has been working on behalf of the Corporate Equality and Diversity Group to produce a document that analyses the information and statistics published from the 2011 census.   

The recent census has allowed us to reflect on the current makeup of the population in Rutland as well as looking at the regional and national picture. The document makes comparisons against the 2011 census and the 2001 census; it is broken down into three main areas:   

  • Caring, Earning and Qualification
  • Quality of Life
  • Diversity and Migration 

Rutland Census 2011 report


NOMIS (official labour market statistics) provides you with a local authority profile with information on the employment and unemployment figures, employment by occupation and earnings by residence.

Rural Services Network

The Rural Services Network is a membership organisation devoted to safeguarding and improving services in rural communities across England. Rutland falls into the SPARSE Rural category, a grouping of over 110 of the most rural councils in England.

Information featured on the Rural Services Network includes Rutland Information, Economic Intelligence and Area Profiling which provides an excellent overview of an area.  

Rutland Key Statistical Data

This data is reviewed biannually and collates all the key statistical data on Rutland, such as population projections, employment figures and house prices.

Rutland Key Statistical Data - November 2016

Tourism Data from STEAM

Discover Rutland has been tracking data using STEAM (Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor) since 2008.

STEAM is derived from a model and provides local, regional and national governments in the UK and internationally with timely estimates of the monthly and annually value, volume and impact of tourism in specified areas.    

Rutland STEAM 2015 Headlines

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