Budget Summary

Full Council is required to approve an annual budget and Council Tax by 11 March each year.

The budget is the Council's plan which specifies how resources are to be spent during the financial year to help it deliver its services. Before Full Council approved the budget, consultation took place with the local electorate including local business in January and February 2019 to ensure that the Council focused its spending on key areas affecting local people.

The Budget Report 44/2019 considered by Cabinet on 19 February 2019 was prepared using the provisional local government finance settlement information issued in December.

Full Council approved the budget on 25 February 2019.  Below are links to key documents considered as part of the budget.

Budget summaries showing net budgets for each function by Directorates

Budget Report 44/2019

Appendix 1- Detailed Budget Report

Appendix 2- Expenditure diagram

Appendix 3- MTFP Assumptions 

Appendix 4 to 6- Directorate Summaries, Pressures and Savings

Appendix 7- Earmarked Reserves

Appendix 8- Detailed Capital Programme 

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