Annual Budget 2019/20

Consultation on our draft budget for 2019/20 ran from 16 January to 6 February and is now closed.

Your feedback will help inform the development of a revised final budget, which will be presented to Cabinet on 19th February, followed by Full Council on 25th February 2019.

Key Points

Key points to note in the draft  2019/20 budget are:

  • Total funding available to fund the cost of local services in 2019/20 is £36.4m (assuming Council increases Council Tax by 2.99% and applies the 2% social care precept)
  • We are facing more than £2.2million of additional cost pressures in 2019/20 (£1.2million of this because of inflation)
  • The demand for important services like adult and children’s social care has also increased and around half (£17million) of the budget will be spent in this area in 2019/20 
  • The budget contains savings of around £1.5m without making cuts to local services
  • The draft budget for 2019/20 is balanced using just £54k of reserves
  • Beyond 19/20, we must assume that spending will need to increase due to inflation/demand and that Government funding will reduce even further

Full details of our draft budget can be read in Report No. 4/2019, presented to Cabinet on 15 January 2019.

“Like all councils, our costs are going up considerably every year due to demand-led services and, also, inflation. This year we will spend almost half our entire budget on making sure adults and children get the care that they need, and rightly so. Responding to Children’s Social Care needs alone has increased our expenditure by almost 70% between 2011/12 and 2017/18. Meanwhile, our government funding has been reduced year after year and, although it has increased slightly this year, does not come close to matching the sustained increase in costs. We are saving as much as we can in order to make the most of taxpayers’ money and have identified a further £1.5m in savings this year. If the draft budget is approved, this will bring the total amount saved since 2011/12 to more than £11million. Unlike most local authorities, we have not cut Rutland’s frontline services to make savings and will continue to do our best to avoid this, although it is becoming increasingly difficult.”
Gordon Brown, Portfolio Holder for Finance

Council Expenditure

Rutland’s spending plans for the coming financial year include:

  • £12.14million for adult social care – services that help people to maintain their health and independence in later life and which support adults with disabilities and mental health needs
  • £5.49million for children’s social care – services to support and protect vulnerable children, young people, their families and young carers
  • £2.48million for waste management – the collection of household and commercial waste in Rutland, as well as the recycling and disposal of all materials
  • £1.76million for environment and public protection – the delivery of street cleaning and ground maintenance services, alongside trading standards, licensing and community safety
  • £1.02million for public transport – the cost of subsidising local bus services and providing free travel for bus pass holders (does not include a further £1.68million set aside for school transport)
  • £1.01million for roads and highways – the maintenance of all public roads, car parks, footpaths, bridges and street lighting in Rutland

Click on the graphic below to see how we plan to spend our budget for 2019/20.

Rutland Draft Budget 2019/20
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