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Adult Social Care Precept

Rutland County Council has increased its Council Tax by 2.99% for 2021/22.

Included within this increase is a 1% charge to help fund adult social care services in the county - services that look after people with needs arising from old age, poor health, disability or hardship.

Latest increase

All Councils were allowed to increase Council Tax by up to 3% to fund adult social care in 2021/22 and 2022/23. For example, councils can use 1% of that flexibility in 2021/22 and 2% in 2022/23 or any other combination, as long as the two do not add up to more than 3% .

Rutland has increased the adult social care part of its Council Tax bill by 1%, generating funding of £278k. We also received £746k in extra government funding for social care.

How we spend this money

Our adult social care services provide support to people who have a disability, long-term illness or are otherwise vulnerable. 

Rutland's adult social care budget for the year 2021/22 is £13.754m and will be spent in four key areas:

  1. Prevention services and associated advice (5%)
  2. Assessment of those who ask for support (10%)
  3. Provision (directly and indirectly) of care and support, including aids and other equipment (60%)
  4. Delivery, including staff costs and support services (25%)

Deciding factors

In setting the adult social care budget, we consider a range of factors including:

  • Existing caseload/current demand – this is known 
  • Anticipated caseload/future demand – how many new people we may need to support – not known but estimated
  • Cost of care packages including anticipated increases
  • Innovation and efficiency – we will look at how current budgets might be used in a different way to achieve better results

Cost pressures

In 2021/22, the increased adult social care budget will support cost pressures and further integration of health and social care services, including:

  • 1% increase in pension costs
  • Anticipated increases in Direct Payments and residential nursing care
  • Inflationary increases for suppliers of care (the Council reviews this position annually with suppliers)

Unknown demand

The 2021/22 adult social care budget does not include costs for unknown demand although it is anticipating a 40% increase in the 80+ population over the 10 years from 2017/18. 

Instead we keep an adult social care reserve (alongside our General Fund) to meet any increases in costs. 

For more information about how we plan spending and manage our budget, please see the page about our Council spending

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