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Highway and transport concerns

Our Highway and Transport Working Group focuses on concerns about highways and transport.

The group includes representatives from:

  • Rutland County Council
  • elected members
  • emergency services  

Raising a concern about traffic, road safety or parking 

If you have a highway or transport related concern, contact one of the following:

  • your parish or town council
  • your ward's councillor
  • your member of parliament
  • the Rutland Access Group

Stakeholders will then consider the matter and decide whether to raise the issue with the County Council. In such cases, we request that the stakeholder provide supporting evidence (in the form of a minuted resolution) highlighting that the issue is a matter of concern for their community. 

If you would like to submit a concern please email tstrategy@rutland.gov.uk for further information on how to do so.

Data protection: Please note, for those raising a highway or transport concern, our privacy notice outlines how your personal data will be handled. 

Note – If you wish to report a maintenance problem, this should be done via FixMyStreet   

How are concerns handled?             

Concerns received will be dealt with as per the process outlined in report number 134/2020 taken to Cabinet on 12 January 2021 (item 13). 

A summary of the process can be seen in the Highway and Transport Concern Process Flowchart available in the downloads panel.

Please note - under normal circumstances feasibility studies (where required) relating to any concerns raised will be started within 9 months of the concern being submitted. However, please note that whilst new concerns can still be raised, due to the current situation regarding COVID 19, timescales will be delayed as it will not be possible to carry out on site assessments during this time as pedestrian, traffic and speed survey data will not be representative of normal conditions.

The Council has several policies which help inform decision making on highway and transport concerns.  These policies can be downloaded from the ‘downloads’ section of the Transport Strategy page.

Upcoming meeting details 

The next HTWG meeting is due to take place on 19th July 2022. An agenda for the meeting can be downloaded: Agenda - HTWG meeting July 2022.

Please note - this meeting is not public, but is attended by agreed representatives from Rutland County Council, elected members and the emergency services. Full membership of the group can be found in the group Terms of Reference approved in the report to Cabinet on 18 September 2018.

Previous meetings 


Minutes of previous Highways and Transport Working Group meetings are provided below.

Progress report             

Updates on all concerns received can be found in the latest progress report.

How are schemes funded?

Schemes considered through the Highway and Transport Concern Process are normally funded from the Integrated Transport Capital Programme budget. Further information on this can be found in Report number 25/2021 taken to Cabinet on 16 February 2021 (agenda item 8).

The Integrated Transport Capital Programme

The Integrated Transport Capital Programme of works is updated quarterly. The latest copy of the programme can be viewed and downloaded from the downloads panel.

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