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Burley Road shared cycleway footway

Last summer we carried out a public consultation on a potential new shared cycleway and footway along Burley Road, Oakham. 

A decision has now been made to approve the construction of this provision, with construction due to start on 25th July 2022. 

What has happened since the public consultation?

Since the public consultation last summer, the following has taken place: 

  • Production and publication of a consultation summary report – available to download from the downloads panel to the right of this page. The report outlines the key findings from the consultation. 
  • Completion of an ‘initial assessment form’. The assessment provides further detail and responses to the feedback received during the consultation and also considers the viability of the scheme. A copy of the initial assessment form is available to download from the webpage outlined above. 
  • Completion of a ‘feasibility and design study form’, which sets out a more detailed design for the scheme, along with the officer recommendation and reasons for decision. 
  • Delivery of an independent stage 1 road safety audit on the original draft design. The audit was carried out by an independent highway engineering company to assess the safety of the proposal. Findings from the stage 1 road safety audit have been fed into the detailed scheme design. 
  • An independent stage 2 safety audit has been commissioned and the initial findings report has been received. The stage 2 audit assessed the safety of the detailed scheme design. 
  • Testing of the proposed school junction access alterations – to ensure the proposal does not impact on coach access into Oakham C of E primary school grounds. 

The new route

The new shared cycleway footway will start at the Burley Road roundabout, connecting with the existing shared cycleway and footway on the bypass. 

The route will  span the section of Burley Road (on the northern side) running approximately to just past Oakham C of E primary school.

Benefits of the new route

It is hoped that the new provision would provide the following benefits:  

  • safer walking and cycling provisions
  • alternative means of travel
  • encourage more sustainable and active modes of travel
  • enhanced connections to two local schools and the town centre 
  • reduce our impact on the environment

Further information

View the grant bid to the Department for Transport and the scheme consultation plan 

For any other queries, email tstrategy@rutland.gov.uk or call 01572 722 577

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