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 Plans and strategies

Rutland Bus Service Improvement Plan and Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme

The Rutland Enhanced Partnership Plan and Enhanced Partnership Scheme were made on 31st March 2022. 

Download the Rutland Enhanced Bus Partnership Six Month Review (Apr to Sep 22) document

In March 2021 the Government launched a new National Bus Strategy: ‘Bus Back Better’ which sets out a fast-paced and ambitious vision to dramatically improve bus services in England outside London through making the bus a practical and attractive alternative to the car.

To help deliver this vision, on 27th May 2021, Rutland County Council (RCC) approved the development of an Enhanced Partnership (EP). Since then, RCC in collaboration with bus companies operating services across the county, have identified how bus provisions could be improved, taking into account the feedback received through a public consultation on bus services in 2021. These ambitions are outlined within the Rutland Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) (which can be downloaded from the bar on the right hand side of the page) and will be delivered through the Rutland Enhanced Partnership Plan (EP Plan) and Enhanced Partnership Scheme (EP Scheme) which were formally made on 31st March 2022. A copy of the Rutland Enhanced Partnership Plan and Enhanced Partnership Scheme can be downloaded from the bar on the right hand side of this page. 

A copy of the associated notice that the EP Plan and Scheme have been made can be found on the following page of our website: https://www.rutland.gov.uk/my-community/transport/national-bus-strategy/  This notice also includes the updated competition test declaration.

The Rutland EP Plan and EP Scheme were made following a 28 day operator objection period and following public consultation. Details of the public consultation are provided below.


Following a 28 day Operator Objection period, during which no objections were received, public consultation was opened on the EP Plan and Scheme.  

The statutory consultation ran for 4 weeks, between 23rd February 2022 and Wednesday 23rd March 2022

Feedback received during the consultation is summarised in the Rutland EP Plan and Scheme Consultation Report.  In summary, the majority of the feedback received provided positive support for the Rutland EP Plan and Scheme, both generally, but also with regards to the vision and the ability of our EP approach to deliver our objectives. There was also a good level of support for the obligations on operators and RCC as well as the Governance arrangements. Where feedback received raised queries or concerns regarding the EP Plan and Scheme, these matters have been addressed within the consultation report. Within the action lists within the report we have however outlined some minor clarifications we will seek to make in future iterations of the Rutland EP Plan and Scheme. Within this report we have also outlined actions that we will take forward alongside ongoing work relating to the EP Plan and Scheme. Upon consideration of the findings within the consultation report,  it wasn't felt there was a need to amend the EP Plan and Scheme as a result of the consultation. 

Competition test

We have applied the competition test on the Rutland Enhanced Partnership Plan and Enhanced Partnership Scheme. A copy of the competition test declaration can be downloaded from the download panel on the right hand side of the page.

The competition test was re applied at the time the EP Plan and Scheme were made, with the associated notice providing an updated competition declaration.

Moving Rutland Forward (MRF) - Local Transport Plan 4

Moving Rutland Forward – Rutland’s Fourth Local Transport Plan, sets out our long term vision for transport within the County. Moving Rutland Forward was approved in September 2019 and is available to download, along with the following supporting documents:

  • Summary document
  • Implementation Plan
  • Evidence Base
  • Strategic environmental assessment, habitats regulation assessment, health impact assessment and equality impact assessments
  • Moving Rutland Forward Consultation Report
  • Post adoption report
  • Moving Rutland Forward - Progress report one (period 2019/20)

If you would like to see our old plans; Local Transport Plan 3, Local Transport Plan 2 and Local Transport Plan 1, please contact us.    

Rights of Way Improvement Plan

Our Rights of Way Improvement Plan (approved in September 2019) sets out our vision for managing Rutland's extensive public rights of way network so that it meets our present and future needs. The plan is available to download from the bar on the right hand side.

Travel surveys

In April 2016 we ran a Countywide travel survey asking residents to share their views on travelling around Rutland. Over 3600 completed surveys were returned to us. A summary of the results is available for you to download.  

Grant bids

Emergency Active Travel Fund - tranche 2 bid

We have recently submitted a bid under the Government's Emergency Active Travel Fund - tranche 2. The objective of the fund is to help local authorities provide safer walking and cycling provisions, whilst in the short term helping to provide alternative means of travel to the bus, during the Covid 19 pandemic.

RCC have been successful in securing just over £36,000 to put towards walking and cycling provisions.

Our bid documents (including amended bid) and consultation plans can be downloaded below.

Local Sustainable Transport Fund

In 2012 we won £4 million from the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund. We used this money to carry out transport upgrades for the County. These upgrades were part of our ‘Travel4Rutland’ project and included a new bus station in Oakham, the creation of several joint cycleway/footways and the trial of a tourist bus and employment buses. A copy of our application form and supporting documents can be downloaded.

Access fund for Sustainable Travel

We recently submitted an application for grant funding to the Department for Transport's 'Access Fund for Sustainable Travel.' Our project bid, titled 'Travel4Rutland+' had three main targets: 

  • Improve access to employment
  • Increase levels of physical activity
  • Improve connectivity

Unfortunately our bid was unsuccessful, but if you would like to view a copy of our application form you can find it in the download section.

Transport and highway concerns

Highways and transport concerns are considered by a dedicated Highway and Transport Working Group. For further information please see the Highway and transport concern section of the website.

Highways and Transport Concerns

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