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Transport Strategy

Our Local Transport Plan

Our Local Transport Plan sets out our long term vision for transport within the County. Local Transport Plan 3 is our current plan. You can download this along with the Evidence Base, Implementation Plan and Supporting Documents.

If you would like to see our old plans; Local Transport Plan 2 and Local Transport Plan 1, please contact us.    

Results from the Countywide travel survey

In April 2016 we ran a Countywide travel survey asking residents to share their views on travelling around Rutland. Over 3600 completed surveys were returned to us. A summary of the results is available for you to download.  

Grant bids

Local Sustainable Transport Fund

In 2012 we won £4 million from the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund. We used this money to carry out transport upgrades for the County. These upgrades were part of our ‘Travel4Rutland’ project and included a new bus station in Oakham, the creation of several joint cycleway/footways and the trial of a tourist bus and employment buses. A copy of our application form and supporting documents can be downloaded.

Access Fund for Sustainable Travel

We recently submitted an application for grant funding to the Department for Transport's 'Access Fund for Sustainable Travel.' Our project bid, titled 'Travel4Rutland+' had three main targets: 

Improve access to employment

  • Improve access to employment
  • Increase levels of physical activity
  • Improve connectivity
Unfortunately our bid was unsuccessful, but if you would like to view a copy of our application form you can find it in the download section.


Highways & Transport - Request for Service

Highways and transport concerns are considered by a dedicated Highway and Transport Working Group. For further information please see the Highway and transport concern section of the website.

Highways and Transport Concerns

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