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Sustainable Travel & Smarter Travel Choices

Sustainable transport means travel that has a low impact on the environment.    

Sustainable travel helps to create a sustainable transport system that can support growth, better health and well-being, cleaner air and safer streets, as well as cutting congestion and improving quality of life in our communities.

Smarter Travel Choices

Smarter travel choices are a collection of actions that individuals, businesses and educational establishments can make to support sustainable travel.

Smarter travel choices can help to reduce single occupancy car travel and instead encourage the use of public transport, car-sharing, walking, cycling, or driving low emission vehicles.

Travel planning and online apps can help to provide travel options for a journey where a combination of smarter travel choices can be used.

Below are some useful links with further information:

Individual travel

For pedestrian or cycle training enquiries, please email: travel4rutland@rutland.gov.uk 

School travel

Businesses and travel

Your carbon footprint

Be kind to the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by walking or cycling, instead of driving:

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Was this information helpful?