Post 16 transport

We do not offer free post-16 transport. We offer a subsidised bus fare only. 

Important information about your post 16 transport application:

  • transport cannot be guaranteed for the start of term if applications are late
  • do not wait for your exam results before applying
  • we cannot process an application without a full application form and full payment or payment plan being set up (if payment is applicable)

Am I eligible

You are eligible for transport assistance if you fulfil the following criteria:

  • You are a Rutland resident 
  • You are 16, 17 or 18 prior to the September the application is being made 
  • The college providing the course is not more than 8 miles outside the Rutland county boundary 
  • The course desired is not available at a college closer to home 
  • You live more than three miles away from college

Applying for college transport

You can apply for transport at any time, but if you're applying for transport to begin at the start of the academic year and your application has not been made by 31 July, we cannot guarantee that any agreed transport provision will be in place by the start of the new academic year

Apply for School or College transport

Please ensure that the form is filled in correctly and always send in a photo. 

Waiting for a response

We will contact you to let you know if your application has been successful as soon as we can. We aim to make contact within 10 working days however during the very busy summer period it can take longer.

College bus routes and timetables

School bus routes and timetables

Application timeline

What you do

  1. Submit application (May – July)
  2. Wait for decision 
  3. Make payment by due date when decision received 
  4. Inform us of any changes to circumstances (on-going) 

 What we do

  1. Assess applications (may – July) 
  2. Send written decision & payment details to eligible students 
  3. Issues passes & timetables when payments received 
  4. Amend/refund/re-assess transport applications (on-going) 

Please note: 

  • no passes are sent out without payment being made or a payment plan being set up
  • if your application is late you may not have transport in place for the start of term

Payments and refunds

The contribution to subsidised post-16 transport is £578 per student and covers the whole academic year. If you are a full-time student carrying on for a third year on the same course, contact the transport team for charges.

You will be exempt from paying the contribution if you are able to provide proof that you: 

  • meet the current low total annual household income rate 
  • are claiming Universal Credit, JSA, ESA
To cancel your post-16 transport, you must email and return you bus pass to:

Transport team

Rutland County Council




LE15 6HP

We cannot process requests for refunds unless you have notified us in writing and returned your bus pass.

Further information

Entitled students must pay the standard contribution towards transport costs unless there is an exemption.

Students must make their own way to the bus pick up point if this is within three miles of their home address. Students may also be required to walk from a bus stop to college. 

Students may find that they are timetable to finish college at 1pm but transport isn’t until 4pm. We do not provide individual transport. Buses are planned for the standard beginning and end of the college day. 

If a bus pass is issued for a local bus service, students are able to use their pass all day, Monday to Friday, during term time. 

Contact the Transport team if you change your course or your address as this may change eligibility. 

If you withdraw from college you must return your travel pass immediately. Partial refunds may be considered. 

How to pay

Please contact us on to discuss your payment options

Direct debit 

 Pay online

Payments can also be made through customer services by phone on 01572 722577

Important points

  • Default of any payment plan will result in immediate pass withdrawal 
  • Any outstanding transport debts must be cleared in full before a new application is considered 
  • Full payment is required for part term use ( instalment plans accepted) 
  • Travel passes will not be issued until payment (or part) is received, or exemptions authorised

Eligible college information

Eligible colleges within the 8 mile Rutland County boundary: 

  • Brooksby Melton College (Melton and Brooksby campus)
  • Melton Vale Post 16 Centre 
  • New College Stamford 
  • Brooke Weston Academy, Corby 
  • Bourne Grammar
  • Tresham College of FE, Corby 
  • Harington School, Oakham

Student responsibility

Misbehaviour on buses is a serious issue and could lead to a student being excluded from transport. When using a public bus service students are required to be aware of the following and act accordingly: 

  • Students must always let people get off the bus before boarding. 
  • Always have your pass ready to show the driver as you board the bus. If you do not have you bus pass you will be expected to pay the standard travel fare. 
  • Be punctual. Transport will depart promptly at the scheduled times. 
  • Sit down where there is a seat available but always give up your seat for elderly people, the less mobile, pregnant women and passengers with small children. 
  • Do not put feet on the seat.
  • Small bags to be held on lap and larger items to be stowed under the seat at the front. 
  • Do not leave litter on the bus. Use bins provided or take it with you. 
  • If you are using a smart phone whilst travelling please ensure the volume is set to an acceptable level so as not to disturb other passengers. 

If items are left on the bus please contact the operator. 

Your driver has the right to refuse travel and can raise a complaint with the Transport team for repeat offenders. Serious behavioural issues could result in a pass being removed. 

Please show consideration and respect for the other passengers, the vehicle and your driver.