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School and college transport

Is my child eligible?

Your child is eligible for transport if they live in Rutland, are of statutory school age (5 to 16 years old) and either:

  • goes to their qualifying primary school, but lives more than two miles from the school
  • goes to their qualifying secondary school, but lives more than three miles away

Applying for school transport

You can apply at any time, but if you need transport to start at the beginning of the school year, you need to apply (and pay, if you're not entitled to free transport) by 30 June.

If you make a successful application after 30 June, we cannot guarantee that your child's transport will be in place for the start of the school year.

When you apply, make sure you enter all the details correctly and submit a suitable photo of your child:

Apply for school or college transport 

Waiting for a response

We will contact you to let you know if your application has been successful as soon as we can. We aim to make contact within 10 working days however during the very busy summer period it can take longer.

School bus routes and timetables


School bus routes and timetables

Special circumstances

You can read about how 'special circumstances' are defined in our policy.

Free transport could be considered if your child cannot use normal school transport for special reasons. This only applies if your child lives in Rutland.

Some examples of special circumstances: 

  • a child has a medical issue 
  • a family needs to move home within Rutland for reasons outside of their control,  who have a child in critical academic years 10 and 11

Unsafe walking routes

You may feel that your child's walking route is unsafe.

We can assess this using national guidelines.

To request an assessment, email: transport@rutland.gov.uk

Low income families 

If your child is entitled to free school meals or you get of one of the qualifying benefits, you may qualify for help with transport.

Contact the school transport team for more information:

Email: transport@rutland.gov.uk

Tel: 01572 722577

Special educational needs

Your child may be entitled to transport if they have an EHCP and meet the criteria in the SEND school transport policy.

If your child is awarded transport, this will be reviewed annually.

To find out if your child is eligible, email: inclusion@rutland.gov.uk 

SEND school transport policy frequently asked questions 

Fare paying transport

You may be able to pay for a place on school transport, if spaces are available. 

When we allocate any spaces, children and young people who live in Rutland and siblings of entitled students will be given priority. 

Any spaces left will then be allocated on ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Some things to be aware of before you apply:

  • fare paying places may not be allocated until after term starts, so you'll need to make sure you have another way to get your child to school
  • students who are entitled to transport will always take priority, so fare paying places can withdrawn with one month’s notice. A proportional refund will be given
  • there's no guarantee that if you have a space one year, it'll be available the next
  • this offer is also open to people who live outside of Rutland
  • the offer is not available for local bus service routes
  • you need to reapply each year

Payments and transfers

If you have been allocated a fare paying place, there is a charge to pay. 

The following rates apply:

  • pupils who live in Rutland, and attend their nearest qualifying school: £158 for the academic year - you must pay in full
  • pupils who live in Rutland, and do not attend their nearest qualifying school: £315 for the academic year - you can pay in full or by six instalments of £52.50
  • pupils who do not live in Rutland: £604 - you can pay in full or by five instalments of £100 and one instalment of £104 

How to pay

If your application for fare-paying transport is accepted, our transport team will email you with instructions on how to make your payment.

You can pay in full, or by Direct Debit - you'll need to indicate your payment method on your application form.

  • pay by Direct Debit - the first payment will be taken on or just after 1 October 2022
  • pay in full - your payment must be paid by 1 October 2022

Direct Pay by Direct Debit

Pay in full online

  • pay over the phone - call our customer services team on 01572 722577
Important payment information:

If you default on payments, the travel pass will be withdrawn.

If you have an outstanding debt for school transport, this must be paid before we can consider a new application.

You will be charged the full cost for part term use (instalment plans accepted).

Travel passes will not be issued until we receive your full or part payment, or any exemptions are authorised.

Rules when using school transport

Misbehaviour on school buses is a serious issue, and could lead to a child being excluded from school transport. 

Bad behaviour will not be tolerated, and will be fully investigated.

Any incidents will be dealt with as described in our home to school transport policy (appendix d).

CCTV may be in use.

Students must:

  • be on time - buses depart at the scheduled times. If your child misses the bus, you are responsible for getting them to school.
  • carry their pass at all times - if not, your child may be refused travel. If your child travels on a public bus service, they will be asked to pay a fare if they're unable to show their pass. 
  • behave appropriately at bus stops
  • hold any small bag on their lap, and store larger items under the seat at the front of the bus
  • stay in the seats during the journey, and use seat belts (where available)
Students must not:

  • throw things
  • distract the driver
  • eat on the bus
  • leave litter

Parents must:

  • meet young children at the bus stop - be there at least ten minutes before the scheduled drop off time, in case the bus arrives early
  • tell your child that they should go to the school office to arrange transport home, if they've missed their bus


If the bus breaks down, students must follow the driver’s instructions. 

Students should remain on the bus (if safe to do so), and not get off or leave the area until they're told to do so.

Bad weather conditions

In bad weather, buses may be affected:

  • allow the bus extra  time to get to each stop, as there may be delays
  • if you take your child to school, you'll also need to collect them at the end of the day
  • if schools close early, we will arrange for buses to pick students up earlier. Schools should let you know if they are closing early - make sure the school has your correct contact details
  • school closures and traffic updates are reported on local websites and radio stations 

Frequently asked questions

I have an exchange student staying, can they travel on the bus with me? 

If space is available we can try to accommodate this request - email transport@rutland.gov.uk

My child is going somewhere else after school. Can they go on a different bus? 

Unfortunately not - transport is organised from you home to your school only. 

My partner and I have split up. Can my child get a bus from both houses?

Yes - email transport@rutland.gov.uk to arrange this.

We have moved house. Can my child still get the school bus?  

We'll need to reassess whether you're still entitled to transport -  email transport@rutland.gov.uk

My child has to stay late at school. What can I do? 

You'll have to organise another form of transport - school transport operates for the start of school and the end of the school day.

We live close to my child's school but there are no footpaths. Can they get on a bus? 

We'd need to carry out a safe walking route assessment. 

If the assessment finds that the route is unsafe, your child will be able to have a pass. Email transport@rutland.gov.uk for more information.