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Local Transport Plan

Consultation on Moving Rutland Forward, our Passenger Transport Strategy,  Rights of Way Improvement Plan and all associated documents has now finished.

We are currently reviewing the feedback received and will update this webpage in due course.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback through the consultation.

Over the past year we have been developing our strategic vision for local transport services, which you can now see set out in our draft fourth Local Transport Plan, called Moving Rutland Forward (MRF).

To support Moving Rutland Forward we've developed a number of plans and strategies, including:

  • Draft Passenger Transport Strategy: Setting out our strategic approach  and vision for an efficient network of passenger transport services that connect residents and visitors to a range of key services and facilities
  • Draft Rights of Way Improvement Plan: Setting out our vision for managing Rutland's extensive public rights of way network so that it meets our present and future needs
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Moving Rutland Forward - Plans Diagram

Our Vision

Moving Rutland Forward and its associated plans, policies and strategies aim to improve transport and highway provisions and services in order to:

  • Facilitate delivery of sustainable population and economic growth,
  • Meet the needs of our most vulnerable residents
  • Support a high level of health and well-being, including combating rural isolation 

What this means

To develop the next generation of local transport services needed to move Rutland forward and support residents and businesses, some changes to existing services are likely to be needed. This is why we’re consulting you.

The changes being proposed would affect people differently. Wherever possible, we want to make sure they are positive for everyone but have to accept this may not always be possible.

Overall, to deliver improvements and provide more equitable services, some changes are needed.


We are holding a public consultation to gather your feedback on Rutland's latest Draft Local Transport Plan (Moving Rutland Forward). 

Consultation runs from Monday 8th October 2018 until 4.00pm on Friday 11th January 2019.

Through this consultation, we want to know if you agree with our vision for Rutland’s transport services, as set out in the following documents:

Along with these plans, we’ve also carried out a number of other assessments which you can view:

Reading the draft plans

You can view all of the plans and documents which make up and support Rutland's latest Draft Local Transport Plan online by clicking on the links above.

You can also read copies of the documents at our offices in Oakham and at each of Rutland’s public libraries. Documents are also available on request by contacting our Transport Strategy Team: travel4rutland@rutland.gov.uk or: 01572 722 577.

How to share your feedback

You can give your views on Rutland's latest Draft Local Transport Plan (Moving Rutland Forward) in a number of ways:

Complete Our Online Survey

However you choose to respond,  all feedback must be received by 4.00pm on Friday 11th January 2019.

Further information

If you have questions, would like further information, or to request a copy of the survey in an alternative format or language, please contact our Transport team by calling: 01572 722 577 or emailing: travel4rutland@rutland.gov.uk.

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Was this information helpful?