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Home to school and college transport

COVID-19 update

We are working with schools to make sure that any school transport put on is safe when children start returning to school.

We will be following government's safer travel guidance for passengers.

Once plans are finalised, we will let parents and schools know.

If you have any enquiries, email our transport team: transport@rutland.gov.uk

Is my child eligible?

Your child is eligible if they complete the following criteria:

  • You are a Rutland resident
  • Your child is of compulsory school age (4-16)
  • Primary - Lives more than two miles from and is attending their qualifying school
  • Secondary - Lives more than three miles from and its attending their qualification school

Applying for school transport

You can apply for transport at any time but if you are applying for transport to begin at the start of the academic year please be aware that your application (and payment if applicable) has not been made by 30th June we cannot guarantee that any agreed transport provision will be in place by the start of the new academic year

Where possible, please apply online 

  • Submit form before the deadline of the 30 June
  • Please ensure that the form is filled in correctly and always send in a photo

Waiting for a response

For applications received by the deadline date entitlement will be notified within 10 working days.

Students who are not entitled will be notified at the same time.


You can pay the full amount of the bus pass up front of you can pay by direct debit. If you wish to pay by direct debit you need to fill in the direct debit form and return it with the application form.

Important information about your School transport application

  1. Transport cannot be guaranteed for the start of term if applications are late 
  2. Submit applications
  3. We cannot process an application without a full application and payment (if applicable)

Apply for School Transport 

Special circumstances

Most situations are covered within the policy bus free transport assistance may be considered where a student cannot access the normal school transport for special reasons. This applies to Rutland residents only. 

Examples are: 

  • Student has a medical issue and therefore is in need of further support with transport. Supporting evidence will be required. 
  • A house move within Rutland, beyond parental control, in critical academic years 10 and 11. Where the student has attended the school for more than one year and normal policy criteria applies. 
  • Exceptional individual family circumstances which may warrant additional assistance. Each case will be assessed on individual merit. 

Unsafe walking route  

You may live under the specified distance but you may consider the walking route to be unsafe. Routes are assessed using specific guidelines for assessing unsafe routes. You can request a safe walking routes assessment by emailing enquiries@rutland.gov.uk.

Low income families 

For low income families where children are entitled to free school meals or parents are in receipt of one of the qualifying benefits, extended rights may be available. Contact the Transport Office for further information.

Special educational needs

Provision for students who have a Rutland Council Education & Health Care Plan and who meet policy criteria in-line with SEN policy. All transport awarded will be reviewed annually. For eligibility, contact SEN Team in the Learning & Skills Department. 

SEND school transport policy 

SEND school transport policy frequently asked questions 

Fare paying transport

If you are not eligible for free transport you may be able to purchase a place on a RCC bus, if spaces are available. Please apply using the fare paying application form. Please note that this offer also applies to non-Rutland resident and is not available for local bus service routes. An application is required per student for each academic year. 

  • Entitled students take priority. Once all students are placed then fare paying application will be assessed. 
  • When making decision on available spaces Rutland residents and siblings of entitled students will be awarded first. After the priority cases have been dealt with we operate on a, ‘first come, first served’ basis. 
  • Due to the timescales in organising school transport fare paying places may not be awarded until after the term has started. Please ensure that alternative transport is in place until we can accurately assess your application. 
  • We do not guarantee fare paying places. Entitled students always receive priority so fare paying places will be withdraw with one month’s notice. Proportional refund of payment will be given. There is no guarantee that because a place if offered one year it will be available the next. A new application is request every year. Transport availability can change, always have an alternative back up.

Payments and transfers

If you have received notification that you are approved for a fare paying place, there is a charge to pay. The following different rates apply to different categories of transport. 

Current fare paying transport charges per academic year

Pupils living in Rutland

Attending their nearest qualifying school and living within the two mile primary of three mile secondary walking distance criteria £105 per academic year. Payable in full.

Pupils living in Rutland 

Not attending their nearest qualifying school £273 per academic year payable in full or by debit in 4 instalments of £68.25 6 instalments of £45.50.  

Pupils resident outside the Rutland County

£513 per academic year payable in full or by direct debit in 4 instalments of £68.25 or 6 instalments of £45.50. 

How to pay

By direct debit – Please return your application and indicate your payment method: 

1. Four instalments: The full charge will be taken in 4 instalments with the first payment taken on or just after 01/09/2019. Please complete the direct debit mandate and return with the application. 

2. Six instalments: The full charge will be taken in 6 instalments with the first payment taken on or just after 01/09/2019. Please complete the direct debit mandate and return with the application.

3.Pay in full: The full charge must be paid by or just 01/09/19. 

Direct Debit

Pay online

Payments can also be made through customer services by phone on 01572 722577.

By personal internet banking using: sort code 30-64-10. Account number 37780460. Quoting students names School/College attending. 

Important points

Default of any payment plan will result in immediate pass withdrawal.

Any outstanding transport debts must be cleared in full before a new application is considered.

Full payment is required for part term use (instalment plans accepted).

Travel passes will not be issued until payment (or part) is received, or exemptions authorised.

Student transport operation 

Misbehaviour on school buses is a serious issue and could lead to a child being excluded from school transport. Bad behaviour will not be tolerated. Investigation will take place and action will follow.  

Students are required to 

  • Be punctual. Transport will depart promptly at the scheduled times. Parents are responsible for transporting students who miss the transport if they are late. 
  • Carry their pass at all times otherwise may be refused travel. On a Local registered bus service will be required to pay a fare if unable to show their pass. 
  • Behave at bus stops. 
  • Small bags to be held on lap and larger items to be stowed under the seat at the front. 
  • Use seatbelts if provided and remain seated throughout journey. 
  • Not distract driver – do not throw things. 
  • Not eat on the bus and do not leave litter. 
  • No bullying, fighting or shouting. 
  • CCTV maybe used. 
  • If items are left on the bus please contact the operator. 

All behaviour incidents will be dealt with in line with the Passenger Code of Conduct - Appendix D in the Home to School transport policy.

Working together

In the morning

Always be at the stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time to allow for time differences. 

In the afternoon

Parents are required to meet young children at bus stops. Please be there at least 5/10 minutes before the scheduled drop off time. Occasionally the bus journey may be quicker than normal and could arrive at the bus stop before the scheduled time. The location of the stop may make it difficult for the bus to wait. 

If a child misses a bus at school they should return to school and arrange their transport home. 


In the event of a breakdown students are required to follow the driver’s instructions. Unless otherwise instructed students should remain on the vehicle, if safe to do so, do not disembark or leave the area until authorised. 

Bad weather conditions

During bad weather buses may be affected and delays may occur. 

  • Please allow the bus additional time to get to each stop as they will be delays. 
  • If a parent takes a child to school they will be required to collect the child at the end of the day. 
  • If schools close early buses will be directed to collect at an earlier time and you child will be home earlier than usual. School should communicate early closures to parents. Make sure your contact details are up to date with your child’s school. 
  • School closures and traffic are reported on local radio stations Rutland Radio and BBC Radio Leicester.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: I have an exchange student staying, can they travel on the bus with me? 

A: If space is available we try to accommodate this request. However it isn’t guaranteed. Contact Transport for advice. 

Q2: I have to go to another address after school. Can I go on a different bus? 

A: Unfortunately not. School transport is organised from you home to your school only. 

Q3: My parents have split up. Can I get a bus from both houses?

A: Transport for families at different addresses is catered for by Rutland. Please contact the Transport team for further information. 

Q4: I have moved house. Can I still use a school bus?  A: Eligibility must be reassessed. Please contact the Transport team for advice. 

Q5: I have to stay late at school. What can I do? 

A: Unfortunately you will have to organise another form of transport. School transport operates for the start of school and the end of the school day. We are unable to take into account individual requirements. 

Q6: I live very close to my school but there are no footpaths. Can I get on a bus? 

A: We would need to carry out a safe walking route assessment. If the route is deemed unsafe then you would be issued with a pass. Please contact the Transport team for further information.