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Bus times and travel

Below you can find information about local bus services and timetables. You can plan your journey with Traveline or arrange door to door transport through the CallConect bus service. 

The NEW edition of the Rutland bus timetable booklet is out on 1st September 2019.  This will be Bustimes 28.  Please check for changes to the timetables which will come into effect on this date as there may be changes to your journey times.  For details please click on the view Rutland bus timetable button below.

View the Rutland Bus Timetable

Urgent Changes to Bus Services

There may be times when we are forced to make changes to our standard timetable due to urgent issues or unforeseen circumstances.

Where this is the case we will do all we can maintain services and minimise disruption for passengers.

Please see our Bus Service Updates page for  details of any urgent changes to bus services.

Travel Guide

As well as a full timetable of local bus services, we produce a separate travel guide with useful information, including:

  • Travel advice
  • Term dates for students
  • Concessions – Freedom Travel, Access Travel and Travel Aid    
  • Rail times for Oakham   
  • Route summary
You can view and download our Travel Guide online. Printed copies are also available from our offices in Oakham, all Rutland libraries, the County Museum and John Street Bus Station.

Plan your journey

Traveline helps you to plan your journey, as well as providing handy information about local, regional and national services. Visit the Traveline website.

Bus Services

Local bus services in Rutland are operated by Centrebus, Mark Bland Travel and Delaine Buses. 

For detailed information like fares, special tickets, lost property and how to make complaints please contact the bus operator directly. 

Centrebus Ltd

See Centrebus for information about services: 4,  12,  9,  29,  47,  113,  146 (Oakham Hopper),  747,  Rutland Flyer 1 & 2,  T2

Visit the Centrebus website

Mark Bland Travel Ltd

See Mark Bland for information about services: 182,  183, 184 and 185

Visit the Mark Bland website

Delaine Buses

See Delaine for information about service: 201/202

Visit the Delaine Buses website


CallConnect is a community bus service. Instead of operating a fixed timetable, CallConnect responds to passenger requests and provides door-to-door transport for people who struggle to use normal buses. 

Routes are different each day, depending on passenger bookings, and journey requests can be made online or over the phone.

For more information about joining the scheme and what services may be available to you visit the CallConnect website.

Wheels to Work

We are currently working on an updated programme for delivering a Wheels to Work transport scheme so people can access jobs and training where travel is not possible on existing public buses. 


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Was this information helpful?