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Bus Passes

It may take longer than usual for your bus pass to arrive, due to COVID-19Off-peak hours are between 9.30 – 23:00 Monday-Friday and all day on weekends and bank holidays. Local authorities are allowed, at their discretion and own cost, to provide additional concessions for residents. We currently offer travel tokens as an alternative to a free bus pass, to those eligible via the Access travel scheme.  A half-fare bus pass, Travel Aid, scheme is also available to those unemployed residents currently seeking employment.

Further concessionary travel scheme information can be found on this page along with application forms which can be downloaded.     

Freedom Travel Scheme Eligibility

From 6 April 2010 the age of eligibility for women will be pension age and for men it will be the pensionable age of a woman born on the same day. The Pension age for women is rising by five years over a ten year period and the eligible age for a bus pass will rise gradually over this period. The date you will be eligible for a bus pass will depend on the month in which you were born and it will not fall on your birthday. Eligible by age and resident in Rutland.

Enter your date of birth on Directgov’s State Pension Age Calculator to find out when you are eligible to receive a bus pass.   

Access Travel Scheme Eligibility

Disability criteria: Whilst there are many types of disability only 7 are recognised for the scheme. You must be a person who:

  • Is blind or partially sighted
  • Is profoundly deaf or severely deaf
  • Is without speech
  • Is disabled, or has suffered an injury, which has a substantial and long term effect on your ability to walk
  • Does not have arms or has long term loss of the use of both arms
  • Has a learning disability, that is, a state of arrested or incomplete development of mind which includes significant impairment of intelligence and social functioning
  • Has a moderate to severe disability and would, if applied for the grant of a licence to drive a motor vehicle under Part III of the Road Traffic Act 1988, have your application refused pursuant to section 92 of that Act (physical fitness) otherwise than on the grounds of persistent misuse of drugs or alcohol.

Those receiving the higher rate mobility allowance will not be entitled to claim free travel through this scheme.

Travel Aid Scheme Eligibility

Applicants must be resident in Rutland, unemployed and actively seeking work.  Application forms must be stamped and certified by staff at the relevant Job centre plus office.


You can apply for a concessionary bus pass in a variety of ways, either:  

  • Download an application form       
  • Collect your application form from the Council offices or Rutland libraries       
  • Ring 01572 722 577 to request a form by post       
  • Request an application form by emailing transport@rutland.gov.uk 
  •  From 25th May 2018, the way personal data is handled is changing.  Please refer to the GDPR statement for app forms – concessionary travel which can be found in the Downloads section on the right.

There is no fee for renewing your pass.

Bus Pass renewal forms are automatically sent out a month before your pass is due to expire.

Lost/stolen passes

If your pass has been lost, damaged or stolen, call 01572 722 577 or call in at the council offices and we will cancel your pass and issue a replacement.  From the 1st April 2018 the charge for a replacement buspass will increase to £10.00

Moving out of county/into county

If you previously had a bus pass for your old address (outside of Rutland) you should send your pass back to the address on the reverse of the ticket, advising them that you have moved out of their area. You will need to apply to us for a new bus pass. Similarly, if you are leaving Rutland, please return your bus pass to us.

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Was this information helpful?