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Transport Plans and Policies

Our latest transport plans and policies, including Highways Asset Management Plan and Highway Inspection Policy, can be found below.

Highways Asset Management Plan

Highway Inspection Policy

Tree Maintenance Policy

Street Lighting Policy

Signs and Street Furniture policy 


NPI funding statement

Additional Funding 

Rutland County Council was allocated £845k in the November budget for local highways maintenance, including the repair of potholes, to keep local bridges and structures open and safe, as well as to help aid other minor highway works that may be needed.

Rutland County Council recently approved the allocation of this, and the annual capital maintenance funding for use in the 2019/20 financial year to ensure that the funding is used in a strategic manner, focussing on the worst areas of carriageways and footways and ensuring that the County’s stock of bridges is maintained to ensure uninterrupted travel around the County.

The funding will be used to ensure programmes of carriageway maintenance, such as patching, resurfacing, surfacing dressing, and micro-asphalt, re-cycling and re-texturing ensure that the County’s roads remain as some of the best in the region, with the focus being on the prevention of potholes, and a right-first-time approach.

Carriageway Patching & Resurfacing

Carriageway Patching & Resurfacing 1.jpg
Carriageway Patching & Resurfacing 2.jpg
Carriageway Patching & Resurfacing 3.jpg

Carriageway Recycling

Carriageway Recycling 1.jpg
Carriageway Recycling 2.jpg

Surface Dressing

Surface Dressing 1.jpg
Surface Dressing 2.jpg
Surface Dressing 3.jpg
Surface Dressing 4.jpg