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Signs Guidance & Street Furniture Policy

Rutland has a policy that sets out how and where signs, advertising boards (A-boards) and street furniture should be used. 

The use of A-boards (also known as sandwich boards), street furniture, roadside advertising and goods on display outside shops are all covered under this policy.

The aims of the policy are to:

  • Minimise sign clutter
  • Regulate the installation and removal of signs
  • Help to keep our town centres attractive for visitors and residents
  • Make sure the highway stays safe and free from obstructions

By carefully managing signage, street furniture and displays in our towns and along the highway we want to:

  • Enhance our environment by reducing roadside clutter
  • Increase the impact of important signs that need to be seen
  • Reduce the chances of signs being obstructed by other signs
  • Minimise the number of obstructions within the highway – particularly for people with reduced mobility or disabilities
  • Support our growing café culture
  • Increase tourism and socialising within towns
  • Make sure street furniture is safe for all highway users

Signs Guidance

Read and download our Signs Policy Guide below. This includes information about: 

  • A-boards
  • Street furniture
  • Outdoor displays
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Advertising consent
  • Fees and charges 

Read our Signs Guidance Booklet

Information about advertisements and signs can also be found on the UK government's website.

Apply for a Permit

Please read the guidance provided on this page before seeking a permit for an A-Board or goods on display.

Once you are familiar with the guidance, please download and complete our application form and return it to highways@rutland.gov.uk at least four weeks before installation.

A-Board Application

Street Furniture Application 

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