Road Markings

Highways England is responsible for road markings on all motorways and trunk roads, such as the A1. Rutland County Council is responsible for road markings on all other A, B and C class roads and most unclassified roads. All lines on the highway must be authorised by the Local Authority.

Road markings are subject to considerable wear. All our roads are subject to safety inspections at least annually, and this includes identifying any markings that are badly damaged or degraded.

The Highway Code gives examples of the lines normal use and their associated rules.

Road Marking Requests

Road markings requests for single or double yellow lines have to go through the parking review process. Applications can be made through the completing the following application form and sending to

White lines can be added across private driveways, crossovers and garage fronts that go onto the public highway. The white lines are to deter someone blocking your access from your driveway to the road only and are not enforced by us.

If you wish to make an application for white lines outside your property please submit a completed H-Bar Application form, either at the council offices or to the highways inbox

To Report A Highway Problem

If you would like to report online please use our FixMyStreet Service

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