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Town Centre Recommendations

Updated Monday 3 December 2018

A detailed report containing recommendations developed by Oakham Task and Finish Group has been endorsed by Rutland County Council’s Growth, Infrastructure and Resources Scrutiny Panel and will be presented to Full Council on 17th December 2018. 

Oakham Task and Finish Group was established in January 2018 with representation from right across the community. It has met regularly since its formation with the stated aim of “improving Oakham for the benefit of residents, businesses, the wider town, villages and visitors.”

This work has culminated in two reports, an Evidence-base report produced following consultation with residents, businesses and visitors to Oakham, and a Recommendations Report based upon this which makes recommendations for the future development of the town and how these may be achieved.

“These reports have taken several months to compile, during which time the Task and Finish Group, supported by Rutland County Council, has consulted at length and listened to those interested and concerned with Oakham’s future, while also looking closely at factors affecting market towns all across the country. We’re pleased that the report has been endorsed by Scrutiny and will be proceeding to Full Council shortly, and we would like to thank all those who helped to feed into the recommendations by engaging with us, and taking part in the consultations.”
Joy Clough, Convener of the Oakham Residents Group

In order to deliver improvements to Oakham, the Task and Finish Group report recommends a proposed new Partnership structure that focuses on three areas: 

  1. Managing the physical environment of the town, with an initial emphasis on parking, signage, traffic and pedestrian issues
  2. Marketing the town, with emphasis on enhancing its historic character and attractiveness to residents and visitors, and encouraging economic vitality
  3. Coordinating work and sharing information about potential enhancements  

In its report, the Task and Finish Group has set out a new Oakham-focused ‘vision’ for each area of recommendations, as well as gauging the potential for short and longer term measures to facilitate the delivery of these visions. 

Rutland County Council’s Growth, Infrastructure and Resources Scrutiny Panel met on 15th November 2018 to review the Task and Finish Group report.  After commending the Task and Finish Group for its work, Scrutiny endorsed the report and referred it for consideration by Full Council.

Scrutiny also requested that Council officers begin work on a high-level feasibility study of the report to provide Council with some further detail around potential deliverability of the recommendations. 

Lastly, Scrutiny recommended that the Full Council approve the Oakham Task and Finish Group’s recommendations, including establishing a budget of £2,000 for initial funding of the future Partnership Group.

Agendas, minutes and reports for all Rutland County Council meetings, including Scrutiny Panels and Full Council, can be found on the Council's meetings page.

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