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Oakham Town Centre

Oakham Town Centre

Rutland County Council is investing in the regeneration of Oakham Town Centre, with plans to make improvements to the High Street before the end of 2018.

Our vision is for Oakham to be the unique, attractive and vibrant heart of our County - a historic town for the future.

Improving the public realm is the key to attracting more visitors and developing a thriving daytime and evening economy with a range of national retailers, local shops, markets, pubs and restaurants.

This project aims to:

  • Create a unique, attractive and vibrant town centre
  • Reduce traffic and increase the amount of safe, usable public space
  • Give greater priority to pedestrians, cyclists and shoppers    
  • Encourage more people to visit Oakham and stay longer
  • Support the development of a thriving daytime and night time economy

The scheme will include:   

  • Wider footpaths using smooth, high-quality natural stone – in keeping with the conservation Area status
  • One-way traffic travelling west to east along the High Street – stopping congestion on the High Street when the railway crossing is closed
  • Reimagined Market Place as a high-quality public space and centrepiece for the town   
  • Clearer and easier parking on High Street, plus additional parking spaces on Mill Street and in off -street car parks
  • Loading bays for shops and businesses
  • Trees and new street furniture to brighten the High Street
  • Weight restrictions for all but essential HGV traffic
  • 20mph speed limits to calm traffic
  • Revised High Street and Burley Road junction to improve pedestrian safety
  • Dedicated cycle lane for safe contraflow cycling
  • Continued access for buses and taxis

Further information about the Town Centre Improvement Scheme can be found in our dedicated FAQ document.


Designs and proposed surfacing materials for an improved Oakham High Street are now on display at Oakham Library until 15th December 2017.

The display information can also be found below and includes:

  • Work in progress designs of the proposed new highway layout and expanded pedestrian areas
  • Mitigation measures on other roads
  • Location of parking spaces, cycle routes and delivery bays for businesses
  • Types of materials being considered for pavements, kerbs and road surfaces
  • Examples of street furniture, such as benches and lamp posts

You can give us your feedback on the evolving designs for the regeneration of Oakham Town Centre by completing the comment form on this page.

Illustrative Master Plan

The Illustrative Master Plan gives an overview of the scheme and shows what improvements will be made where along the length of the High Street.

Traffic Improvements

Traffic Improvements includes details of the wider mitigation measures proposed on other roads as part of Oakham Town Centre Scheme, along with estimated peak changes to peak hour traffic flow around the town.

Street Sections

The following images show the layout and composition of typical street sections along the High Street. 

Pedestrian Crossing

Pedestrian crossing



Loading Bay

Loading bay

Scheme Precedents

Scheme Precedents gives examples of similar public realm improvements in other areas, with images of these projects following completion.


See examples of the types of surfacing materials and street furniture being considered for Oakham Town Centre.

Feedback form

Please give us your feedback on evolving designs for the regeneration of Oakham Town Centre by completing and submitting the form below.

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Public Comments Form
Thank you very much for taking the time to comment. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Project Stages    

The key stages for the Town Centre Improvement Scheme were agreed in January 2017 and are as follows:

  • March 2017 - Stakeholder meetings to discuss concept options    
  • April 2017 - Development of outline designs
  • June 2017 - Consultation on outline designs
  • October 2017 - Decision on outline design
  • November 2017 - Consultation on detailed designs    
  • December 2017 - Target costing and detailed design work
  • January 2018 - Completion of detailed design
  • March 2018 - Decision on detailed design

Further information

Below you'll find further information about the Town Centre Improvement Scheme: 

Cabinet Report, Decision and Minutes - 10 October 2017

Oakham Town Centre Vision

Examples of other schemes

Town Centre Improvement Scheme FAQ

Contact us

If you would like to contact us regarding the Oakham Town Centre Improvement Scheme, please email: oakhamtowncentre@rutland.gov.uk