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Highways plans and policies

Our latest transport plans and policies, including our Highways Asset Management Plan and Highway Inspection Policy,  are on this page.

Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Strategy

Highway infrastructure is vital to the social and economic well-being of Rutland. 

As the custodian of such a vital asset, we need a defined and structured approach to the management of this asset so that it clearly delivers the greatest value for our residents.  

This strategy sets out how we will manage highway assets within the context of legal duties, national objectives, available funding and local needs:

View our Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Strategy

View our Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Strategy Summary

Highway Inspection Policy

We have developed a risk-based approach to inspecting our roads, based on the 'Well Maintained Highway Infrastructure' code of practice, with amendments to meet local circumstances and community needs.

Hazards are identified, prioritised, made safe and permanently repaired as quickly and efficiently as we are able to with the resources available to us.

The process is documented in our Highway Inspection Policy:

View our Highway Inspection Policy

Street Lighting Policy

This policy describes how we manage the Council's street lighting inventory and ensure the equipment we use is as energy efficient as currently possible.

The main aims our Street Lighting Policy are to:

  • ensure that lighting stock is maintained in accordance with current guidance, so far as is reasonably practicable, and minimise risk to the public
  • ensure that all public lighting stock is maintained by the Council to the most energy efficient standards currently available
  • deliver an efficient lighting service to the public and road users

View our Street Lighting Policy

Signs Guidance and Street Furniture Policy

This policy aims to formalise the placement of signage within the highway, including the regulation of advertising signs and street furniture.

We explain:

  • how the legislation and regulations relating to traffic signs are interpreted in Rutland
  • our approach to advertising within the highway
  • the licensing of street furniture (including pavement cafes)

View our Signs and Street Furniture policy

National Highways and Transportation (NHT) public satisfaction survey

This survey is used by over 100 authorities to collect the public's views on different highway and transport services in their local areas.

It gives us a better understanding of how we're performing in the eyes of the public and is used for benchmarking and service improvement.

We were the top performing authority in the East Midlands in 2021, and in the top quartile nationally.

View the NHT 2021 survey results (summary)