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Approved Road and Parking Schemes

Approved Parking Schemes 2018


 Town / Village







Park Lane

West End

Double yellow lines




Brooke Road

between zigzags and Trent Road, both sides

Double Yellow lines





all residents bays

Allow Deans Street permits on Northgate




Kilburn End

by play area

Double yellow lines




Derwent Drive

both sides from bridge over stream to Braunston Road

Residents and limited waiting bays and yellow lines



South View

south kerb, east of graveyard

Replace access bar with double yellow lines and extend bay westwards by 1 car length



Main Street

outside shop

Limited waiting bay



Main Street

outside shop

Limited waiting bay



West Road / Braunston Road / Willoughby Gardens

junctions with each other

Double yellow lines



Catmose Street

West side outside Rutland Sports / Tonnerre

Limited waiting bay



Catmose Car Park

Pay & Display bays

Allow 2 hours free parking on Saturdays


Oakham / Barleythorpe

Hackamore Way

From Lands End Way westwards to cover Old Buttercross pub junction

Double yellow lines


All our approved highways schemes are listed below:


Approved Scheme


Caldecott Junction Gt Easton Road

  • Refresh/improve exiting road markings, addition of SLOW markings and rumble strips on the northbound approach
  • Improve signage: install new advance direction signs


Wireless Hill roundabout South Luffenham

  • Improve screening on all approaches
  • Increase size of centre island from 8m to 14m diameter


A606 junction with A1

  • 40mph buffer zone 450 metres westerly from the existing 30mph speed limit to be considered in the annual speed limit review (scheme now subject to speed limit review)



Ayston Road Uppingham

  • Reduce the speed limit to 30mph 165 metres to just south of the roundabout.
  • Install signalled crossing incorporating junction and bus stop improvements


Thistleton Road, Market Overton

  • Install a solar SID along the Thistleton Road on the approach from Thistleton.


Main Street, Barleythorpe

  • Installation of a zebra crossing in this location to tie into existing tactile; for school children to safely cross the road to access schools in Oakham


Cottesmore Village

  • Improved gateway features on both approaches on the B668 as recommended by Aecom but excluding the sharks teeth markings.
  • Relocate the existing vehicle activated sign.
  • Construct build out.
  • Improvements to Ashwell Road junction.
  • Improvements to the B668/Mill Lane junction.
  • Improvements to road markings at B668 and Rogues Lane/Exton Road junctions


 High Street, Market Place and Market Street Oakham

Cabinet Approval on 10/10/2017 to take forward to Council in March 2018 the detailed design for the preferred option of a one way system flowing west to east along High Street, Oakham.

This will also include a one-way system on Market Place flowing north to south.

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