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Resident Parking Permits

You must submit a signed application form and the supporting documents for each application - both for first time applications and renewals.

We are in the process of auditing all permits to make sure residents are still eligible  and that permits are not used instead of off-street parking.

A permit may be withdrawn if we find that a resident is no longer eligible for a permit because either:

  • documentation has not been provided, or is out of date
  • off-street parking is not being used for parking

Inner Oakham Zones D, L, N & S, & Uppingham Zone residents parking permits

Who qualifies for a residents permit?

Residents of Oakham D, L, N & S Zones and Uppingham who live within the designated residents parking permit areas, do not have off-street parking available to them and who keep and use a car or a van (not exceeding 3500 kilograms gross vehicle weight) on a full-time permanent basis will normally qualify for a permit. The permit scheme is not open to businesses.

How many permits can I have?

  • Properties in Oakham and Uppingham can have 2 parking permits.
Please note:

The eligibility criteria will have to be met for each permit issued.

The property would need to be within the areas which are within the resident permit schemes. Refer to street list on each form.

If a property has private spaces, the amount of spaces available will influence the amount of permits granted. Permits will not be issued if a drive or garage space is being occupied by other things than vehicles. If a garage is smaller than 2.4m x 4.8m, the Council will investigate if it could be not considered.

All applications are considered according to the numbered criteria on the top of the permit application forms - please refer to this.

Note for disabled persons badge (blue badge) holders   

If you have a disabled persons blue badge you can park in the residents/dual use bays for as as long as you wish.

How to use your permit

All permits must be displayed clearly in the windscreen of the vehicle.

What the permit allows you to do

The permit will let you park in any parking spaces which are reserved for permit holders in the Zones for which you have a valid permit. These spaces will be signed.

How to apply

Application forms can be downloaded for printing and are also available from our customer services team.

If you wish to submit your application via email, please print and complete the application form.  Scan and attach the completed application form along with the other relevant documents and email to enquiries@rutland.gov.uk. Once we have received your application we will contact you by telephone to take a debit card payment.  Applications will only be processed once payment has been received.  

Your duties as a permit holder

It is your duty to ensure:

  • Your permit is valid 
  • Your permit has not expired 
  • That the registration number is correct 
  • Your permit is used in accordance with the conditions of issue

Renewing your permit

You will be responsible for renewing your permit

  • Permits are valid for one year.  It is your responsibility to renew your permit.
  • If you change your vehicle - please send in the old permit with your new DVLA vehicle registration document to the address below enquiries@rutland.gov.uk

Withdrawal of a Permit

A permit may be withdrawn or invalidated if:

  • It is found that a permit is not being used in accordance with these guidelines. 
  • It is found that a person is no longer eligible to hold a permit. 
  • The permit is altered or defaced in anyway or passed to unauthorised users.

Charges for permits

  • The administration charge for each new or renewed permit is £40.
  • There is an administration charge of £40 for every variation or replacement of any permit. 
  • Permits charge may increase.

Oakham Zone A Parking Permits

Please email parkingmanagement@rutland.gov.uk 

Oakham Barleythorpe Road car park resident season tickets

Please email parkingmanagement@rutland.gov.uk - a waiting list is in force.

Outer Oakham zones permits:

E (Edmonton Way and cul-de-sacs)  

V (Vicarage Road and cul-de-sacs)

C (Cricket Lawns and cul-de-sacs) 

Inner Oakham zone

Inner Oakham zone permit holders will be able to park in limited waiting bays on Catmose St, Mill St, High St, Church St  & Westgate St without time limit and also on Market Place when there is a no market.

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