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Parking News & Parking Review Scheme

Parking on footways, cycle tracks and verges is to be banned around Rutland Water. Enforcement starts on Good Friday 2019 and every day thereafter.

The Parking Review is an annual process and the cut-off date for receiving requests to consider is 31st August each year.

New parking restrictions or modifications will only be considered if they are made by one of the following:
  • A Town Council, Parish Council or Parish meeting
  • A resident of a parish where there is no Parish Council or parish meeting, subject to them demonstrating that they have 8 assenters from the local community.  Assenters must be on the electoral roll for the parish where the scheme is being considered.
  • Businesses or organisation where they can demonstrate at least 50% support from the owners or occupiers of the other properties fronting the highway where the parking restrictions are proposed.    

Please return completed forms to Parking, Rutland County Council, Catmose Street, Oakham, LE15 6HP or by email to parkingmanagement@rutland.gov.uk 

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Was this information helpful?