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Parking News

Parking services running as normal

Parking Services are offering the same services as before the pandemic but with the exceptions:

  • Customers cannot visit CST in person for any parking-related service and are urged to contact the Council by other means, or in the case of Penalty Charge Notices through the instructions on the back of the Notice
  • Customers cannot now pay by cash at the pay & display machines on a permanent basis. The machines are now cashless taking contactless card payments only as part of the Council’s response to the pandemic
  • Customers are urged to note that we are operating in a Covid-19 responsive and compliant manner therefore there may be delays experienced in service due to resource levels and prioritisation. 

Abusive behaviour, including vexatious communications, towards the Council’s parking staff will not be tolerated and will be referred to the Council’s legal department or police if appropriate.

Ketton – various roads

We have consulted and are now in the process of making the order for the new restrictions in Ketton. Although the time of the consultation has ended, if you need more information or wish to comment further, please email parkingconsultation@rutland.gov.uk

Oakham (West)

We are intending to mark new double yellows as indicated in this document, namely on Braunston Road with its junctions with Willoughby Gardens and West Road and a small part of Cold Overton Road. There are some changes to permit eligibility also relating to Cold Overton Road, Park Lane and Barelythorpe Road.

Although consultation has ended, should you need to comment further, email: parkingconsultation@rutland.gov.uk

Rutland Water Area 

The verge ban around Rutland Water is no longer in force following a decision made by the Highways & Transport Working Group.