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Blue Badge appeals

If your application for a Blue Badge has been refused you have the right to appeal that decision by requesting a review of that decision in writing, clearly stating your reasons to:

Blue Badge Appeals
Rutland County Council
Catmose Street
LE15 6HP

You may, at this stage offer further or additional information or evidence of your worsening health condition from a health care professional in support of your request. These should in all circumstances be based upon the criteria as set out by the Department for Transport.

You will normally be notified of the decision within one month of the appeal, but a decision may take longer if further evidence is required.

If the decision remains not to award a Blue Badge, we will write to you with a full explanation. Whether the review is successful or not, the decision is final.

Following the outcome of the review you cannot reapply for a Blue Badge within three months of your application, unless there is a significant deterioration to your medical circumstances which affects your mobility or you become eligible via another means e.g. you receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the Personal Independence Payment. 

Newly prescribed medication related to your mobility may also trigger a review of the decision.

Under Department for Transport regulations, a Blue Badge may be refused if:

  • You hold or have held a Blue Badge and misuse has led to at least one relevant conviction.
  • You fail to provide us with adequate evidence of your eligibility, either as an individual or organisation.
  • You fail to pay the fee.
  • We believe you are not the applicant.
  • We believe the applicant would permit use of the Blue Badge by another person.

  Rights and responsibilities

The Department for Transport has developed a useful guide for Blue Badge holders. It explains your responsibilities as a badge holder as well as how to display the badge and when you need to use a parking clock. Visit the Gov.uk website to find out more.  It should be noted that the Blue Badge remains the property of the issuing local authority which has powers to withdraw the Blue Badge in some circumstances. The authority may also require the return of a Blue Badge on account of its misuse leading to a relevant conviction, or where the authority is satisfied that the Blue Badge was obtained by false representation.

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