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Blue Badge Permits

  • Apply for a Blue BadgeInformation on how to apply for a blue badge and if you are eligible without further assessment or subject to further assessment
  • Renew your Blue BadgeBadges must be renewed every three years. You can renew up to two months prior to the expiry date.
  • Applicants who are terminally illIf you have been issued with a DS1500 medical report you, a representative, or a medical professional acting on your behalf, can apply for a Blue Badge
  • Organisational Blue BadgeAn organisational Blue Badge may be issued to an organisation for motor vehicle(s) used to carry disabled people and must be registered with the DVLA.
  • Lost, stolen and replacement Blue BadgesIf your Blue Badge is lost, stolen or damaged you can report it and get a replacement.
  • Blue Badge appealsIf your application for a Blue Badge has been refused you have the right to appeal that decision by requesting a review
  • Blue Badge misuse & fraudBlue Badge misuse & fraud