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Organising public events

Events are an important part of everyday life that encourage people to play an active part in their community. 

We work with the emergency services and relevant agencies to provide event organisers with guidance to help make sure that events held in the county are carried out safely. 

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The event organiser will need to complete a notification, risk assessment and management plan form if the event will have:

  • 500 or more people attending
  • VIP attendance
  • military attendance
  • an impact on the highway 
  • an impact on the community

Download an event notification form

Download a risk assessment form

Download an event management plan form

Download a temporary traffic restriction form

Completing the forms will notify all the relevant parties about your proposed event and support you to get the right information and guidance for your event type offered to you.

You should register your proposed private or public event in the early planning stages, to allow time to plan and implement any measures that will be required.

If your event will require any road closures, you will need to give enough time for this to be considered. 

Regular or annual events also need to be registered.

Email your completed forms to events@rutland.gov.uk

Event support services

Services (for example the police, security or first aid services) may not be able to offer the level of support you need to hold the event. 

They'll work with you to try and find solutions, but the risk to public health and following government guidance will always be the priority.

These services are developing plans for how to manage and support public events in the future.


View the latest rules and guidance to check if your event may be impacted.


The responsibility for the event's safety lies with the event organiser and management team.

All events (including those in aid of charity) must comply with recognised safety standards.

Roads and highways

You must register any public or private event which may impact on the use of a:

  • road
  • street
  • verge
  • footpath
  • pavement
  • bridleway

This includes events which may:

  • be affected by any access restrictions due to roadworks
  • cause increased traffic in the area
  • increase on-street parking
  • need you to apply for temporary traffic restrictions
  • affect the safety of pedestrians and other road users
  • restrict access for emergency vehicles
  • affect planned highways works

If you're not sure if you need a road closure, or want some help with traffic management planning, email our highways team: highways@rutland.gov.uk

How to get permissions and licences

You need to submit these documents to us at least 12 weeks before your event date - (it's best to send one in the early planning stages if you can):  

  1. a completed event notification form (available to download from this page)
  2. a risk assessment form (available to download from this page)
  3. a event management plan (available to download from this page)
  4. a site plan

If you plan to use Council land (for example a park or car park), you'll need to submit your completed form at least 16 weeks before your planned event.

Our form aims to help you:

  • plan your event
  • run your event as safely as possible
  • have the right permissions and licences in place
  • comply with any relevant legislation
  • by giving links to advice, to help you decide if you'll need to give us extra information
Depending on the type of event you're organising, you may:

  • be contacted by services for more information
  • need to complete additional forms
  • be invited to a safety advisory group (SAG) meeting

Once we have all the information we need, we'll decide whether your event can go ahead - we aim to do with within four weeks of receiving your form.

Download the event notification form

If you cancel your event, you must email to let us know, as soon as possible: events@rutland.gov.uk

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