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Event notification

This form will require completion by anyone organising an event within Rutland or Leicestershire and returning to events@rutland.gov.ukOur Event Notification Form is designed to support organisers to run events safely, ensure that all of the necessary permissions/ licences are in place and that they comply with the relevant legislation and any permissions.  It will prompt you to consider the key areas involved in running your event.

Many of the questions require yes/no answers, please answer as required.

If you answer ‘yes’ to some of the questions, additional links are provided to the relevant Council or other websites which will help you establish whether you need to provide additional information.  Some departments or services may be in direct contact with you to obtain further details or you may need to complete additional forms.

It may sometimes be necessary for events to be invited to a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) and these can be convened by either Local Authorities or the Emergency Services.  We will contact you once this form is received and notify you if this is the case. 

Remember the ultimate responsibility for the event safety lies with the event organiser and their management team.


Please note if you require permission to use council land (incl. Public Open Spaces and Car Parks) for your event you will need to provide a minimum of 16 weeks’ notice in order for applications to be processed and permissions to be issued in time for the event.

If your event requires a road closure, or traffic management, please apply at least 12 weeks’ in advance of your event.  There is a charge for road closures, as published in our schedule of Fees & Charges, and it should be noted that it is the responsibility of the event organiser to provide and install the necessary signage.

Useful Links

Road Closures


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If you are unsure if you need a road closure, or assistance with traffic management planning, please contact our highways team at highways@rutland.gov.uk

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Was this information helpful?