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Report littering and fly-tipping

You can help us manage littering and fly-tipping issues in Rutland by:

  • reporting any littering that you witness or any fly-tipping that you come across
  • not disturbing any fly-tipping you have discovered - there could be evidence that helps us identify those responsible
  • not touching fly-tipped waste - it could be dangerous
  • checking that the person you employ to remove any waste has a registered waste carrier licence - you can check this online

Information you need to tell us when you report fly-tipping and littering:

  • the exact location
  • a description of the items
  • roughly how much waste there is

What you need to tell us if you witness littering or fly-tipping:

  • the day, date and time it happened
  • how many people were involved
  • a description of the people involved
  • what they were doing
  • any vehicles involved - make, colour, registration number
  • what kind of view you had
  • how far away you were
  • weather and lighting conditions
  • number of items dumped
  • what it looked like
  • please also include any photos or CCTV evidence you have - You can email photos and videos to: environment@rutland.gov.uk

There are two ways you can report issues with littering or fly-tipping to us online:

Report through our online form

Report through FixMyStreet 

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Was this information helpful?
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