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Grounds Maintenance

 We are responsible for grounds maintenance on most council owned land. This includes grass cutting, weed spraying and hedge maintenance. This work is provided by an external contractor.

Our grass/verge cutting responsibilities

As a Highway Authority, Rutland County Council is required to keep verges safe and free from obstruction. This is particularly important at road junctions where clear visibility for motorists and pedestrians is vital. 

We follow Plantlife's guidance. This means the grass verges we are responsible for will have a 1 metre cut in late March and a full-width cut in September.  Our protected verges are also cut this way. 

  • public open spaces, churchyards and urban verges will have 10 cuts per year. 
  • to ensure visibility on the highway, additional cuts may also be undertaken.
  • ragwort is pulled from verges when it's flowering, this usually takes about two weeks.
  • herbicide spraying takes place twice in the growing season along all kerb lined roads in the county – first in March/April, second in August/September.    

We are not responsible for maintaining the verges of private roads leading to or from private properties, or for the vast majority of hedges by the roadside. These are usually the responsibility of the adjacent landowner.

We do not cut grass in Cutts Close, Willow Close or Royce playing field in Oakham as they are the responsibility of Oakham Town Council. 

Sites of Special Scientific Interest  SSSI

 Our Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) verges are given a full-width cut in September. 

The Luffenham Heath Golf Course SSSI verge is approved by Natural England. The grass is cut once, with the cutting being removed, between mid-July and the end of September. This is to ensure an average grass height of less than 15cm by the end of October over at least 70% of the grass area.  Another cut, with the cuttings collected, may also be taken during September or October. 

The same cutting schedule applies to the Tolethorpe road verge SSSI

Parish Council grass/verge cutting responsibilities

The following Parish Councils manage their own verge cutting which means anything within the 30mph signs:  

  • Belmesthorpe
  • Braunston
  • Cottesmore (inc. POS & Churchyard/cemetery)
  • Edith Weston
  • Empingham 
  • Essendine
  • Great Casterton
  • Ketton
  • Langham
  • Ryhall (inc POS & Churchyard/cemetery)
  • South Luffenham 
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Was this information helpful?
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