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Energy Switching

Rising energy costs are an increasing issue for many people, but switching energy providers can be a quick and easy way to save you money.

We currently have a number of our staff and staff from partner organisations trained to offer advice on how this works. They can help you decide what the best option might be for you. They can offer this advice when they visit you to deliver other services.

We are currently assessing options to train more of our staff to give this advice.

Information on how to make your home more energy efficient can be found on our energy efficiency page

If you would like more information about this service please use the online form below.

Request for more information about switching energy providers:

Energy switching

Home Energy Conservation Act

We published our ‘Further Report’ on improving energy efficiency in domestic properties in March 2013, as required by the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995.  We are then required to publish an ‘Update Report’ every 2 years.