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Air Quality

Air Quality in Rutland is generally good. We monitor for nitrogen dioxide at 13 sites in the County and the results of this monitoring are included in our Annual Air Quality Reports that are submitted annual to the UK Government. The latest report that has been approved by the government is available to down load.

2019 Air Quality Annual Status Report

There are no locations in the County where an Action Plan is required to improve air quality. In addition to the monitoring we also consult with Planning and Highways, where particular developments or schemes may impact on air quality, summaries of such consultations are included within the Annual Reports. 

Air pollution advice

If you're concerned about air pollution and its effects, the government's Department for Rural Affairs (Defra) has a dedicated website with information about the latest air pollution forecast

Defra – a practical guide on Open Fires and Stove

There are no smoke control areas in Rutland. 

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