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Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband

Good Mobile connectivity along with fixed connectivity is critical to the success of our economy in Rutland now and in the future. As a Council we continue to engage with the larger mobile operators and to understand how the Council can assist to build better mobile connectivity in Rutland through understanding wider government and sector policies and initiatives and proactively supporting improved coverage  (https://www.mobileuk.org/mobile-uk-launch-of-new-report-councils-and-connectivity

Mobile broadband works by connecting to a mobile network with a SIM card. You can connect to mobile broadband by using a dongle (read this broadband choices website guide to using dongles), in-car Wi-Fi device or portable Wi-Fi hotspot, a SIM card in a tablet or laptop, or by tethering from your mobile phone depending on your current supplier and plan  (read the broadband choices website guide to mobile-tethering). 

Current Mobile Broadband Coverage in Rutland

Mobile coverage for 2G, 3G and 4G services from all operators is below the English average for % coverage of premises - indoors, outdoors and roads. * Source Data Downloads, Ofcom Connected Nations Report 2019.

In addition Rutland 4G coverage across 4 Operators (indoor and A&B roads) in comparison with our near neighbours shows particular issues for Rutland.* Source Data Downloads,  Connected Nations Report 2019.

Where available 4G  is generally faster and more reliable than 3G - you can check the current availability of 4G services in your postcode by using the Ofcom Mobile Coverage Checker.

5G mobile (the fifth generation mobile telecoms technology) promises exponentially faster download speeds and data-sharing capabilities. The government announced in March 2020 £65m of funding for test bed pilots some focussed on understanding how the infrastructure and technology can be deployed in rural areas.

Tips to Improve your Mobile Phone Coverage

  • Check which mobile network provides the best coverage in your area and how good the signal is both indoor and outdoor on Ofcom’s coverage checker: checker.ofcom.org.uk
  • Shop around when your contract is due for renewal. Give your business to the network that provides the best coverage in your area. Don’t assume that the network that provided the best coverage before is that provides the best coverage today.
  • Contact your network if you feel that coverage in your area is inadequate. If enough people complain it may support a case for investment by the mobile networks in your area.
  • Wi-fi calling is a new technology that allows you to make calls and exchange text messages wherever there is a wi-fi connection, even if there is no mobile signal such as indoor blackspots.
  • Wifi calling is available on the four largest UK network, though only on compatible handsets
Further details are available at:

Ensure that you regularly update your phone’s software, which will help to make sure the latest technologies are available to you.

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