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Local Full Fibre Networks


The government’s Department for Digital , Culture , Media and Sport (DCMS) has awarded Rutland County Council Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) funding  to help roll out the next generation of faster, full fibre broadband connections to eligible public buildings including schools , libraries , medical centres , community shops and village halls.

Full Fibre

Full fibre broadband is even quicker and more reliable than current superfast internet and capable of satisfying the UK’s growing demand for online services for many years to come.


By supporting full fibre connectivity to public buildings, the LFFN Challenge Fund aims to make it easier for broadband companies to provide commercial full fibre packages to homes and businesses, as well as supporting the delivery of future 5G mobile broadband services. 

Next steps

Following a successful bid to the LFFN Challenge Fund and completion of an OJEU compliant procurement process to identify a supplier the Council has awarded the contract to British Telecommunications plc.

The programme to deliver the upgrades to eligible public buildings throughout the County is expected to complete by March 2021. 

Further information will be shared on this page as the project develops. You can also find out more by emailing: digitalrutland@rutland.gov.uk.

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