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Railway Safety

Train lines and rail safety

The number of young people taking risks on railway tracks has gone up by almost 80 per cent in the last five years. 

Since July 2017 alone, a total of seven young people under the age of 18 have lost their lives and a further 48 people have suffered life changing injuries. 

Rutland is rural county with a number of manned and unmanned railway crossings.

In the same way that we promote road safety and encourage people to take care on our highways, it's important that children and young people know the dangers of playing on or near railway lines, and the potentially fatal consequences this can bring.

You Vs Train

We support the rail industry and  British Transport Police who have launched a new campaign - You Vs Train,  targeting teenagers to make them understand the serious and devastating consequences they face when they make the potentially life-changing decision to ignore warnings and go onto the railway, with its obvious and hidden dangers. 

The Problem

Figures show that more than a quarter of teenagers (27 per cent) admit to behaving in a way that could endanger their life on the railway.

One in 10 teenagers said they have walked along the railway line - more than two fifths of those (42 per cent) in the last year.

The Dangers

Trains travel almost silently and reach speeds of up to 125mph.  They also run 24 hours a day, meaning there is no 'quiet' or 'safe' time to be on the tracks.

Don’t think that staying on one side of the track will keep you safe. All trains are wider than the rails they travel on.

You’re equally likely to trip over train equipment and be dragged on to the tracks.

Stay Safe

Find out more about the hidden dangers of hanging around on railway lines and why it's so important to stay safe.

Visit the You Vs Train website

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