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Keep Safe Places

The Keep Safe Places scheme aims to help people feel confident and safe when they're out and about in their community, knowing that help is available if they need it.

Keep Safe Places help people to deal with any incidents that may happen when they're out and about. 

Rutland's Keep Safe Places

There are several Keep Safe Places across Rutland that give you somewhere safe to go if you are feeling upset, scared or need help.

At a Keep Safe Place a member of staff can:

  • find you somewhere safe to wait
  • use the information on your Keep Safe Card to call a relative, friend or carer
  • call the police or an ambulance if it is an emergency

Download a list of Keep Safe Places in Rutland

Keep Safe Places have stickers like this in their windows, so you can see that they're part of the scheme:

Keep Safe Logo.jpg
Text speech bubbles, "Please talk to me so I can understand you", "We are all different so please ask me how you can help me", "Please keep calm and be patient with me", "When i get anxious when i am in town, I like to ring my mum but sometimes i nee

Keep Safe cards

You may like to carry a Keep Safe Card to show to staff at a Keep Safe Place.

The card has space to write down important information about yourself, like:

  • what medicines you are taking
  • what difficulties you have
  • how you like to communicate 
  • your emergency contact numbers

To get a free Keep Safe Card, email: KeepSafePlaces@rutland.gov.uk

For more information please email the community safety team: communitysafety@rutland.gov.uk

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