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Hare coursing

Hare coursing is the illegal pursuit of hares with dogs across open farmland.

It may involve a group of people coming into the county looking for suitable land, particularly along the A47 corridor, and the larger fields on the Lincolnshire border. 

It may only be two men and a dog, but each year between August and April, farmers across the county experience almost daily incidents across their farmland.

This will cause significant damage to recently sown fields and has a direct impact on the way that crop will yield and the farmers livelihood. 

Hare coursing is also associated with damage to gates, fences, hedges and farm machinery as coursers gain access or leave the farmland. Once again, this can cost a significant amount of money to the farming community. 

Report hare coursing

If you think you spot hare coursing taking place you should inform the Police by calling 101. If the crime is in progress then ring 999. 

Under no circumstances should members of the public confront someone who they believe is hare coursing. 

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Was this information helpful?
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