The Procurement and Contracts Management Team support procurement activity within the People Directorate.

Welland Procurement Unit support procurement for the Resources and Places Directorates and for any contract whose value exceeds the EU Thresholds. This role may be delivered through a variety of methods including:

  • The development of corporate contracts for the most commonly used goods and services within the council
  • Supporting individual departments or teams in undertaking high value tendering exercise
  • Providing help and guidance to both colleagues and suppliers to ensure procurement is handled efficiently, effectively and in an open manner

The Procurement and Contracts Team and Welland Procurement Unit provide resources to colleagues to help them better understand how we work with suppliers. We are also here to help suppliers who want to work with us.

If you have any questions about contracts or how to sell goods and services to us, please contact a member of the Procurement and Contracts Management Team.

Alternatively if you want to know about an existing contract, please submit a request by emailing and this will be forwarded to the most relevant officer.

Procurement and Contracts Team

To contact our Procurement and Contracts Team, please email:

Welland Procurement Unit

The Welland Procurement Unit can be contacted by emailing:

Approved suppliers

We don't operate an approved supplier list. Where appropriate, either quotations will be obtained or the tender process followed to appoint a supplier.

How to sell to us

We are committed to being fair, open and transparent in the way we carry out our procurement and the way we deal with our suppliers and we hope our suppliers will act in the same way.

If you would like to know more about how you could become one of our suppliers/contractors or would simply like to know more about how we purchase goods, works or services, please follow go the our Contracts page.  

What do we buy?

We procure a wide variety of goods and services, from small one off payments of a few pounds through to large contracts worth hundreds of thousands of pounds which last for a number of years.

Details of contracts that currently exist can be seen in the Rutland County Council Contracts Register and Transparency Code

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Was this information helpful?