This page has everything you need to know about contracting with us, including where to find current contracting opportunities, regulations for procurement route and advertising, as well as information on existing contracts.    

For the majority of contracts we use Standard Terms and Conditions. For some contracts specialist Conditions of Contract can be provided at the time of procurement.

Contract opportunities

All our contract opportunities with a value of more than £50,000 are published on the Source Rutland website. This website has information on tender opportunities across the county and links to all of the other areas within the East Midlands.

Details of the current contract opportunities, together with recurring contracts that will become available over the coming months and years can also be found here.

Download our example Conditions of Contract

Contract regulations

The way we purchase our goods is controlled by both European Regulations and our own Contract Procedure Rules.

The way we advertise and carry out the procurement exercise varies based on the estimated cost of the total contract value.  

Existing corporate contracts

Information about all our existing corporate contracts can be found on our Corporate Governance page of this site. 

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Was this information helpful?