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Contract Management

Information on our contract management obligations.

1. Contracts Management

How we manage the contracts that we have with our suppliers is important.  Therefore where we have a contract with a supplier for either goods, works or services, this contract will be managed by the Officer who controls the budget for the relevant function, in accordance with agreed contract monitoring and/or performance management requirements, and the contract conditions. Suppliers will be expected to attend contract review meeting at the frequency set out in the contract, and contribute to the overall efficiency and performance management of the contract.

If during the term of the contract the need for a variation arises, this will be managed in accordance with the contract variation provision set out in the contract.  Both parties shall meet to discuss this in good faith and a variation will not be effective unless agreed by both parties in writing.

2. Payment Terms

We will pay all sums due and payable to the Supplier within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt and agreement of a valid and undisputed invoice. Invoice must be submitted to the address specified in the contract and be supported by a unique Order reference number, as well as a detailed breakdown of the goods, works or services provided.

Whilst more complex contract arrangements may require other payment terms, such as staged payment on completion of contract milestones, by mutual agreement.