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World Cup Screening – Late Temporary Event Notice Application

On Friday 6th July, Rutland County Council received a notification from Rebecca Jones of her intent to screen the World Cup Final at Oakham Castle on Sunday 15th July 2018. The event was also to include the screening of a film.

The Council considers all applications on receipt. Where the Council receives notification of a Late Temporary Event, in line with the Licensing Act 2003, only the Environmental Health and Police may object to this process within the statutory timescales. The Council received no such objection from either body and so was required to grant the Notice on Wednesday 11th July 2018.

Security and safeguarding concerns relating to the initial proposed use of the Castle, meant that we had to identify a more suitable location. After careful consideration, the land close to Alsthorpe Road and the A606 was selected as the most practical and safest option for an event of this type.

In light of the particular nature of the event - the World Cup, and, at the time of application, the potential that England may have been in the final - the Council has endeavoured to work closely with the applicant to ensure that it balanced the need for a safe event to take place and the impact that any event may have on those around it.

We appreciate that this may have caused some inconvenience, but have worked hard with the Police, other partners and the applicant to ensure that the event was delivered in a safe and effective way.

We do recognise that the event was close to a residential area. When granting the notice, it was particularly stipulated to the organisers that they must:

  1. Undertake a leaflet drop of all houses directly affected by the event
  2. Proactively promote that there is no parking onsite and attendees must not park in residential areas or on grass verges 

Your questions answered

Who organised the event?

The event was organised by Rebecca Jones and Jonathan Spencer, the owners of Bill’s Bar in Oakham.

When did the event start and finish? 

The public were provided access to the event from 11.45am until 7.30pm.

Who gave them permission to hold an event? 

Rutland County Council reviewed the Late Temporary Event Notice and, as it did not undermine any of the licensing objectives, neither Environmental Health nor the Police and health and safety requirements, we were required to acknowledge the Notice as stipulated by the Licensing Act 2003.

Why was I not given an opportunity to object to the event? 

As the event application was made under a Late Temporary Event Notice. Under the Licensing Act 2003, only Environmental Health and the Police could object to the event going ahead.

Why was the event moved from the Castle Grounds to the land close to Alsthorpe Road and the A606?

At the time of the Notice’s submission it was looking possible that England would go through to the final of the World Cup. Having reviewed the site’s security and the potential for the number of participants wanting to attend the event, it was identified that Oakham Castle would not have provided the required level of safety for the attendees. To ensure the event went ahead, we identified that the land close to Alsthorpe Road and the A606 would provide the safest and most secure option.

Who decided to agree the new venue to be allowed when it has no facilities for dealing with the needs of attendees? 

Rutland County Council has engaged with the event organiser who was to ensure that all appropriate facilities are put in place and that the number of people who attend would be controlled.

Were the appropriate insurances in place for the event? 

The organiser had satisfied the Council that they have appropriate Public Liability Insurance in place.

What provision had been planned to ensure public order, car parking and access for public safety vehicles? 

The organisers agreed to provide:    

  • Security fencing around the perimeter of the land  
  • Security personnel
  • Designated first aiders
  • Clear communications to all attendees that there was no parking on site, and attendees should not park in residential areas
  • A designated smoking area, away from residential areas, with special bins for the disposal of cigarette and cigar butts
  • Identified access for public safety vehicles 

How was public safety ensured during setting up, operation and removal of equipment for the event? 

The Council  made provision around access on the Friday before the event to allow some items to be delivered to site. The organisers were to erect fencing (1m x 2m) to ensure no public access to site during set up, the event itself and break down. The organisers were also required to undertake thorough risk assessments of the site and ensure all equipment is set up according to health and safety requirements.

What if damage had occured to the site? 

The making good of the site and ensuring that it is tidy and left as it was found, was a condition of using the land.

As the event allowed the sale and consumption of food and alcohol, what provisions were taken to ensure that the necessary licences were been obtained? 

By statutory process through the Licensing Act 2003, where there is an application for a Late Temporary Event Notice, the Council’s acknowledgement of this enabled the sale of alcohol. The sale of food was a matter between the organisers and the companies selling the food.

What provisions had been made for the cleaning of the site after the event? 

The Council required the cleaning of the land as a condition of using the land.

What provision had been made to ensure the event did not pollute the stream and watercourse that flow through the site? 

The organisers provided toilet facilities on site, sufficient for the number of people attending the event. Fencing was in place around the site to control access and egress from the site. There was adequate provision of security and marshals to manage this perimeter effectively.

When was the event  cleaned away? 

The event organisers were to remove equipment and rubbish from site directly after the event and larger equipment the following morning.

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Was this information helpful?