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Sell explosives (Fireworks)

It is an offence to keep explosives (except fireworks for private use) on premises not registered or licensed for the purpose.

Individuals can store up to 5kg of fireworks for private use, for less than 14 days, provided they are kept in a safe place.

Suppliers of fireworks in Rutland, irrespective of the storage period, must be registered / licensed, with the Council, for the storage of explosives in accordance with the Explosives Act 1875, or the Control of Explosives Regulations 1991, and the Keeping of Fireworks Order 1959 as applicable. The registration of fireworks storage is subject to prescribed fees:

  • Store licence application: £178
  • Store licence renewal: £85
  • Registration of premises for the supply of fireworks: £620
  • Renewal of registration for the supply of fireworks: £35
  • Transfer/variation/replacement: £35

Download an Application Form for Premises Storage Licence

Key Points:

Where the only explosives being kept in a premises registered for the keeping of mixed explosives are fireworks then the quantities and store type are as follows: 

  • Manufactured fireworks; up to 100kg in a Mode A Store, and 25kg in a Mode B Store
  • Shop goods fireworks; up to 1000kg in a Mode A Store, and 250kg in a Mode B Store

Mode A and Mode B Stores

A Mode A store is defined in the legislation as a building substantially constructed of brick, stone, iron, or concrete detached from any dwelling house exclusively appropriated to keeping explosive.

A Mode B store is defined as a substantial receptacle …placed inside a dwelling house, or inside any such building as is not in itself qualified for the keeping of explosives in Mode A;. Examples of suitable/substantial receptacle include a wooden box, a cupboard, drawer, cabinet or a metal container. Shop goods fireworks may also be kept in a glass showcase, provided it is not placed in the shop window.

Rutland County Council accepts the use of ISO containers as a Mode A store.

The requirement to register does not apply to those keeping for sale no more than one tonne gross (in total aggregate) of certain types of party popper, table bomb, sparkler, novelty match and serpent. (Certificates of Exemption gives details of the specific types of firework covered and the conditions that must be met).

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