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Private hire driver

 How to apply for a new or renewal private hire driver licence in Rutland.
We're unable to issue new private hire driver licences at this time, for COVID-19 related reasons - renewals are unaffectedJump to:

  1. COVID-19 advice for taxi and private hire drivers
  2. How to apply: Introduction
  3. How to apply: Stage 1
  4. How to apply: Stage 2
  5. Licence renewals
  6. Application forms
  7. Decisions: New and Renewal Licences
  8. Decisions: Current Licences
  9. Right of appeal


COVID-19 advice for taxi and private hire drivers

The Government has not currently put any restrictions on these services.

But it's important to follow these measures to help protect yourself and your customer:

  • always carry tissues, and use them to catch coughs and sneezes

  • dispose of used tissues in a bin as soon as possible – you could carry bin liners in your car for you and your customers. Double bag all used tissues

  • wash your hands regularly with soap and water, or if not possible use sanitiser gel

  • clean surfaces, seats and payment devices regularly with routine cleaning materials, or sanitising wipes or spray

  • If you share your taxi or private hire vehicle, regularly clean the steering wheel and instruments

  • where possible use card payment devices to avoid handling coins and notes

  • If you're clinically extremely vulnerable to COVID-19, undertake other jobs to avoid unnecessary contact with other people

We expect all private hire drivers to fully cooperate with any enquiries you may receive from Public Health England or other relevant agencies.

Whilst the above advice is current at the time of writing, please regularly check the Public Health England website found above.

Read full COVID-19 advice for drivers

A Council-issued licence is required before you can drive a private hire vehicle (PHV or mini-cab)

How to apply: Introduction

We're unable to issue new private hire driver licences at this time, for COVID-19 related reasons - renewals are unaffected

There are two stages in the application process - you will need to make an appointment to see a licensing officer at our offices for both stages:

Stage 1

You will need to bring:

  • your completed application form
  • your suitability test fee
  • your licence fee
  • your ordinary UK Driver Licence card - you must have held a full DVLA driving licence (or EU equivalent) covering the appropriate vehicle category for at least 3 years. EU licences must have been converted to a UK licence for at least 12 months
  • two additional items of identification, such as your passport and birth certificate
  • proof of your right to work in the UK

Convictions and fixed penalties

You must declare all convictions imposed by a court and current fixed penalties in your application.

We will check whether you have any criminal record with the Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) when you apply for a licence.

The disclosure of a criminal record or other information will not exclude you from gaining a licence unless we consider that the matters disclosed make you unfit to hold the licence.

If you have a conviction and would like some advice before you apply, call our licensing officer in confidence:

It is an offence to deliberately make a false statement or not give all relevant information on the application - punishable on conviction by a fine of up to £1,000

Driver Suitability Test

You will need to complete a suitability test.  There is a £27 fee for this.

The test includes: 

Stage 2

You will need to contact us and book your second appointment when you receive your DBS certificate.

For this appointment, you will need to bring:

  • a medical examination form, duly completed by a doctor
  • a passport-style photograph (35mm x 45mm), taken against a light background 
  • your DBS check certificate

If your application is approved, we will issue your driver’s badge and licence and post them to you as soon as we can.

Medical examinations

You must have medical examinations:

  • our licensing officer will give you a medical examination form, which needs to be filled in by a doctor
  • you can choose which doctor you want to use
  • you are responsible for paying any fees charged

Our licensing team will write to you when your next medical examination is due.

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Licence renewals

All private hire and Hackney Carriage licences are issued for a three year period - our team will send you a reminder two months before your licence runs out.

To renew your licence after the three years, you will need to arrange an appointment to bring in your:

  • completed renewal application form
  • medical certificate (if applicable)
  • your ordinary UK driving licence
  • licence fee
  • completed DBS application form
  • passport photograph

You will not have to take the suitability test again, but you will need to have another DBS check - we cannot renew your licence until your new DBS certificate has been seen and checked. 

It's important to apply for your renewal in plenty of time


You must declare all convictions, and your history may be subject to a police check.

You must have a current licence when you apply for a renewal - if your licence has expired, you will need to follow the procedure for a new licence again.

Application forms

Download the application form

Download the medical form 

Get your DVLA check code

Decisions: new and renewal applications

Each application will be treated on its own merits.

Our main priority is public safety - we will use the information available to test your honesty, integrity and character to determine if you are fit and proper to hold a licence.

If we have information that may indicate you are not fit and proper, for example you have a relevant caution, conviction or driving offence, then your application will be determined by the Development Control and Licensing Committee.

Decisions: current licences

If we receive information which causes us concerns about a licence holder's behaviour, or if we have reason to believe a person may no longer be deemed fit and proper to hold a licence, we will refer this to the Development Control and Licensing Committee.

The options available to the committee are to:

  • take no action
  • issue a warning
  • suspend a licence - the committee can also request remedial action to be taken by the driver during the suspension
  • revoke a licence

Right of appeal

A driver has the right to appeal a Development Control and Licensing Committee decision.

This right of appeal is to the Magistrates Court, which must be lodged at the court within 21 calendar days of being notified of the committee’s decision.