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Information for Parents and Children

It is important that you read the information regarding the type of work that your child is permitted to do and the hours in which they are permitted to work.

The application form for the Child Employment Licence which the employer is required to complete contains a section for you to complete. The employer should have completed his sections first so you can see what work your child will be doing and when. Your signature shows us that you have read the form and that you are satisfied for your child to be employed in the manner detailed on the form.

You are entitled to request and receive a copy of the risk assessment completed by the employer for the work that your child will do.

As a parent you should monitor your child’s employment to ensure that it is a positive experience for them, that they aren’t being exploited and that the work is not impacting their studies.

Ways to keep your child safe

You can keep your child safe at work by:

  • meeting their employer and giving them your contact details before your child starts work;
  • making sure you know exactly what your child is doing and regularly ask them about their time at work;
  • making a note of the times they are working;
  • looking out for any changes in your child’s behaviour, appearance, routine or habits;
  • reminding them that they don’t have to put up with anything they are uncomfortable with and explaining that any form of exploitation or abuse is wrong.

Advice for children

If you attend school and want to get a job, your employer has to apply for a work permit. He or she will fill in all the details about the work you will do and when. Your parent or guardian has to sign the form, as does your school.

You can ask your employer to see the risk assessment they have done for your job role which will highlight any possible risks to you and the steps they have taken to reduce these risks which could be giving you advice. You should listen to this advice carefully and follow it.

More information can be found on the page, what work is permitted for children here

The permit will be issued to you, with a copy being sent to your employer. You must carry your permit with you or have it easily available as it must be shown to an authorised officer from the local authority or police officer if requested.

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