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Information for employers

Legal Requirements for Employers

Employers must apply for a work permit with 7 days of the child starting work.

Employers have a duty to keep a record of all school age children they employ. They are responsible for the health, safety and welfare of children employed and must make sure that they have the appropriate attire for the job they are doing.

Employers must complete a risk assessment of the work the child will be doing and make this available to the child, the parent/guardian responsible for the child or to the Local Authority if requested.

Employers can be prosecuted by Rutland County Council if they are found to be breaking the law by:

  • Not registering their school age employees;
  • Employing school age children in a prohibited occupation listed in the byelaws;
  • Allowing school age children to work outside the hours allowed by the byelaws

All sections of the application form must completed for the application to be valid.

Please see our byelaws here

Apply for a Child Employment Licence

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