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Child employment licences

The Employment of Children

A child is classed as ‘employed’ if they assist in any trade or activity carried out for the purpose of making money, whether or not payment is received for that assistance. This includes working in their family’s business.

No child of statutory school age can work in school hours.

Children doing babysitting for relatives, friends or neighbours are not classed as employed, as it is outside of child employment regulations.

Parents have a duty in law to act as a reasonable parent, to ensure their child/children are registered by their employer, with the local authority for the purpose of child employment and that their child/children are fit for the job they are doing.

Employers have the ultimate responsibility. They must ensure the school age children they employ are registered with the education authority and have a permit.

Information for employers

Information for parents and children

What work is permitted for children

Apply for a Child Employment Licence

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